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Back in 2011 my mortgage was modified and ended up with a balloon payment. That has come due. I have been battling with Fay Serving to get a modification on the balloon balance with no luck. They say Citi would rather foreclose and is not entertaining any new mortgage activity at this time. Due to issues with a failed business in 2009 and an uncleared document from SBA coupled with Covid, a modification is the only way I can keep the house. We will not be able to get the SBA issue solved for another 9 mos [est] at which point they willl have evicted me. I have always paid on time, have great credit and can afford to continue paying.

Where do I go from here? Citi has no customer service people anymore.


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Hello and thanks for sharing your plight.

I find it very interesting that we are amidst a mortgage and real estate crisis but there is very little news or information about how mortgage servicers are going to assist borrowers with loan workouts and modifications.

What do you mean that Citi has no customer service anymore? There is no customer service department or representatives who assist borrowers?

Maybe try NACA?


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My only suggestion is to place the (rejected) payments into savings so you have something for negotiations, settlement or refi with a different lender. I would not disclose such to the servicer or they will proportionately seek to claim it as fees.


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I would also compose a letter legally requesting the lender aka Citi continue to accept same payments as an alternative to foreclosure where you intend to refinance. (address for legal communications is on back of statement - nevermind the lack of identification of specifics) This sorta covers you legally by proffering an alternative plan. Maybe offer to extend the payment proposal for one more year? (no need to disclose you feel you can do so at 9 months - just request the extension to salvage the situation while you find a cure) The lender may actually be required to refinance under certain conditions. If they reject your money, proceed to foreclose, and you proposed an alternative that is quite telling to the court. Keep copies and send certified.