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Has anyone had any luck with sending the recission notice. I know one of the attorneys with Paiva sent mine to Country wide and they did not respond.
Been away for awhile through several Attorneys, thousands Still fighting and $$$$$ tired and worn out but still in our home now looking fo another attorney, I did a lot of recearch on my own thanks to Loansafe knowing what to look for in our docks for the attorneys, Thru all of that stress my husband & I were both diagnose with cancer 30 days apart we aren’t giiving Up, our docs are full of fraud.
take our check. So he called them and they told him they didn't think we wanted to to stay in the house because we failed to send 1 of the 13 copies of the contract back. That is a lie! We did send those papers!! So now we are trying to get this modification reinstated. They are giving us the run around. Not returning our call. Our house is due to be put up for action in a few weeks. Can someone give me some
2 years ago we went to court and the judge ruled against us (FORECLOSURE). Our home would be sold on the courthouse steps. We called NACA HOME SAVE. It didn't cost us a penny. They saved out home one hour prior to it being auctioned off. Call them ASAP. It won't hurt.
  • NACA: home save 801-401-6222
In July 2017 my husband and I were approved for a pennymac loan modification. We sent them our paperwork all signed the first month and paid on time for the first 3 months, as well as every month after. This past month while I was dusting my blinds, I saw a gentleman taking pictures of my house. I immediately called my husband to let him know. He was a little concerned too because he noticed Pennymac didn't tak