Mortgage company paid taxes after loan was paid off


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Not really a question, I'm just confused :)

I received my mortgage payoff statement via email on Wed., October 18. The payoff was $1076 which was good through October 25. They wouldn't allow me to pay online, and required a certified/cashier check which I sent via certified October 19. This included a $200 shortage in my escrow account. It shows as being received on October 25.

On October 20 I received another email with an updated payoff quote in the amount of $2622 due to the fact that they are including my taxes ($1546) due November 1. I checked my city's online tax payment website and saw they hadn't been paid yet. I then contacted the mortgage company through their online portal asking if they hadn't made the payment yet, please reverse and I will pay taxes on my own. I never heard back. I then tried to log into my mortgage account on October 24, but received a pop up stating 'Congratulations, your loan is paid in full'. Because of this, I had limited visibility in my account. I was checking to see if the balance was increased to include the taxes.

Side note - I did receive an annual escrow statement in early Oct stating my monthly payment would increase effective December 1 due to escrow shortage. The payoff amount included $200 for the escrow shortage. I disregarded the letter knowing my mortgage would be paid off by then.

On November 4, I went online to my city's tax site to pay my taxes and it shows they were paid on November 3. So now I guess I wait for the mortgage company to send a bill for the taxes. I guess it will be wishful thinking that they won't catch this.