Many consumers qualify to file a very powerful Federal complaint against their Lender and Servicer which could bypass the biased court system, avoid the Bank’s unfair and unsuccessful modification process, and bring them justice- all against the bank’s will.

Most people are unaware they can leverage the enormous power of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development if:

  • They were unjustly Denied loan modifications when they are qualified, or granted a loan modification if the modification is unaffordable, discriminatory, or predatory.
  • They were prevented from applying, told they cannot apply, told they would be denied if they applied, or discouraged from applying.
  • They were seeking a loan modification, refinance or new loan on their Primary Residence.
  • They believe others are being granted loans when they are not, or believe others are being granted good loans when they are being granted unpayable loans.

The Diligence Group, LLC will be giving you an introduction to the Fair Housing Act and how the Fair Housing Complaint process, supervised by the U.S. Department of HUD, could support your claim of discrimination in the granting or servicing of your mortgage loan and ultimately bring you justice.

Learn how discrimination applies to all people, of ANY Race, Skin Color, National Origin, Religion, Handicap/Disability, ***/Gender, Familial Status.

There are Uniform standards applied by all lenders and servicer to grant loans to applicant borrowers. If the Servicer or Lender strayed from that process to prevent you from applying, unjustly deny you a loan, or grant you a loan you cannot repay, you should learn more about the Fair Housing Act.

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