What is LoanSafe about?

Since 2007, over 11 million people have trusted LoanSafe.org for help with their loans. We are the #1 safe and free loan website for consumers and to date we have assisted thousands of people online for free of charge with absolutely no strings attached.

LoanSafe is not a lender, bank or mortgage company and we are a not for profit forum for consumers. Therefore you can trust our website, advice and recommendations are the absolute best that you can find anywhere on the internet today. Whether you need a new loan, fix an existing mortgage issue or you need assistance with your financial questions, we can help.

These are the 3 keys to yours and our success.

  1. Pay it forward
  2. People before profits
  3. Love thy neighbor

LoanSafe is an online grass roots consumer led community based on the simple premise of “paying it forward”. We help you, you help him, he helps her and so on and so on….. No strings attached ever and no favors needed to be paid back.

This is how we place people before profits and in doing so, we love thy neighbor. With over 140,000 members and growing every day, this is a testament to our good work.

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