People looking to purchase a piece of real estate should always make sure that a home inspection report is ordered before they make the deal. This report is done by a home inspector who is going to go over many different aspects of the building. The inspector is a qualified, well trained individual that is going to give a detailed report of any repairs that are needed in the property. On this report they will also give a list of estimated costs for the repairs to be done.

However, this person will not be able to tell you whether or not you are getting a good deal on the property. That is not their job. Their job is to focus on the two main components of any house; structural and mechanical. These inspectors are going to carefully examine both of these components to see if anything may be in need of repair.

Mechanical- During the mechanical portion of their report they will go over various electrical units throughout the property. They will go over the air conditioning units, heating units, plumbing systems, etc.

Structural- While evaluating the structural section of their report they will look for anything in the home that is in need of major repair and/or considered to be unsafe. They are going to check the walls, windows, ceilings, foundation, floors, roof, etc. All of these aspects of the house will be carefully examined to determine if any molding has occurred, termite infested wood, rotten wood, or foundation that is cracked.

After they have completed their tasks, the inspector will then right away prepare the report for the individual who ordered it. If this report was ordered by a potential buyer, the current owner of the property will more than likely be provided a copy as well. This report will give both the buyer, and seller, a list of any issues or improvements that need to be handled. Also this report will help with any negotiations between the buyer and seller for the cost of repairs needed to be done.

Moe Bedard
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