For individuals that have recently become unemployed it is important to understand that you may be able to qualify for unemployment benefits. These are temporary funds that are provided to certain individuals that are no longer employed, but they must have been laid off at no fault of their own.

The government controls and regulates these benefits based off the location and jurisdiction in which the individual resides. In the US unemployment benefits are regulated by the US Department of Labor and became affective in 1935 under the Social Security Act. They designed this system to provide people with needed funds while they search for new employment.

In most areas, the compensation for these benefits will be based off the most recent income the worker was receiving. But be aware that these funds will only be a percentage of what the individual was previously making, and they will be distributed on a weekly basis.

Depending on the location and jurisdiction of the worker, the qualifying factors to start collecting these benefits will widely vary. However, in general most jurisdictions will require that the individual has been employed for a certain amount of time and could not have been laid off due to their performance, or in other words “fired.” Although it is possible for someone to file for unemployment even if they have been fired, most systems will request that the employer disputes the workers claim if they were indeed laid of because of their actions.

Not only are you required to meet the qualifications for these benefits, but you are required to actively seek new employment, and on a regular basis give reports on how your efforts are coming along. Generally, there will be a set amount of time from when the worker becomes unemployed to the time they can start receiving unemployment benefits. These benefits are also only to be given for a certain length of time, but in many areas they will allow this period of time to be extended under certain circumstances.

Even though many individuals consider this income as a type of welfare system, the actual purpose of these benefits are to help provide temporary assistance to the average working class citizen who has lost their job at no fault of their own.

Moe Bedard
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