A West Virgina couple are suing Logan Bank & Trust Co. for breach of contract.class-action-lawsuit

Larry Pridemore Jr. and Katrina Pridemore had assumed the mortgage of a family member who was struggling to make payments in 2000. After Larry Pridemore was layed off from his job in 2015, the couple had applied for a loan modification with Logan Bank.

According to the West Virginia Record, the bank allegedly turned down the modification request, and claimed the Pridemores still owe approximately $20,000 on the original mortgage balanceĀ of $26,480, despite receiving steady monthly payments for 15 years.

The plaintiffs claim their payments have been misapplied, but say they have been unable to obtain a statement of account.

The Pridemores seek civil penalties, actual damages and litigation costs.

SOURCE: West Virginia Record

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