By Bonni and Chris – Wachovia Mortgage is our lender and we do not want to walk away. We live in Southern California.

We have gone through the loan modification process last year and were approved November 2009 at a great affordable rate. We had a family medical emergency one month later and good not afford the monthly payment and defaulted on the terms of the loan modification. I was out of work taking care of my ill parents and not working fulltime for 4 to 5 months and on FMLA through my work. Not getting paid for the time off work but my job protected.

My parents are well now and I am working fulltime and now and can afford to pay our mortgage. We explained the situation to our lenders and they seemed to think we could quality for hardship or another loan modification. We submitted all the required paperwork to find out we were declined and do not qualify for a new loan modification or any type of help to waive any late payments or late fees.

They declined it saying because we make too much money even though we submitted our paystubs to show we made less during the time of the family hardship and because we defaulted on the original loan modification and we do not qualify for any type of program or help.

We advised Wachovia we now can afford to make the monthly payments, but do not know how we will get caught up. I spoke to a really nice loan counselor at Wachovia and she advised us to mail in the minimum payment or anything extra and than call to try to negotiate terms. We are now 6 months late and I mailed my minimum payment as advised by the Wachovia loan counselor.

I will follow up after the payment has been received by Wachovia to see if they will offer us any kind of payment plan. We do not want to go into foreclosure and want to keep our home.

We need some kind of help or advice

Bonni and Chris

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