reported today that even though there will be a slight slowdown in real estate for 2017, the nation’s hottest housing markets are going to keep blazing through the year.

The West is predicted to continue its lead in the U.S. in home values and sales. 11 cities in the West made the top 25 metro markets on our list, including five in California.

Here is a list the top 10 housing markets from

Rank Top Markets Median Price Price Growth Sales Growth
1 Phoenix, AZ $300,000 5.94% 7.24%
2 Los Angeles, CA $675,000 6.90% 6.03%
3 Boston, MA $480,000 6.09% 6.32%
4 Sacramento, CA $420,000 7.18% 4.92%
5 Riverside, CA $350,000 4.98% 6.88%
6 Jacksonville, FL $284,000 4.79% 7.03%
7 Orlando, FL $272,000 5.69% 6.10%
8 Raleigh, NC $312,000 4.16% 7.55%
9 Tucson, AZ $237,000 6.10% 5.47%
10 Portland, OR $420,000 6.55% 5.02%

According to, these cities have various characteristics in common such as affordable rental prices, low unemployment, large populations of millennials and baby boomers, as well as a high number of listing views on

Jonathan Smoke,’s chief economist, had said, “The top 10 markets all benefit from strong growth dynamics: population, jobs, and households. They all have low unemployment that’s heading lower, which buoys consumer confidence.”

Here is an infograph from


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