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I feel like such an idiot, Moe. Here on the forum, I thought Evan was your brother (knew you had a son named Evan but assumed he was named after his “Uncle Evan”). I mean, I saw all those pics of little Evan…LOL. That is the crux of my shortcomings—-missing the obvious.

I am grateful for all your time and energy spent to establish and run this forum—thank you, Moe. I hope you’re blessed with the realization that what you have done has made a positive difference to so many people. God bless you.


To the LoanSafe Team, Contributors & Fellow Members;

Someway – somehow, I was lucky enough to find LoanSafe late in 2009. Yes, I might have been a little late but hustled to catch up to the wave. Truly inspired after reading Prof White’s paper on Walking Away.

There was already a loyal following when I joined LoanSafe and their personal experiences confirmed I was on the right path. Then I started making my own plans quietly & privately. I’m still a little paranoid so I’ll share the general picture:

State – CA
House Purchased – 2006
Mortgage – Conventional w/ 20% down
2009 – Underwater by at least 40%
Stopped paying Mortgage – 2010
Notice of Intent – at least 3 times
Mortgage Sold
Foreclosed – 2014
CfK – Yes

So to all the long time members, thanks for sharing, supporting and leading the way. To the recent members, don’t be shy – study hard for your particular state & personal situation, ask all those questions you have – then take the action that works best for your short & long term financial security.

To LoanSafe Team – THANKS very much for creating a platform for so many to regain their footing, learn/study all the options and then inspiring them to fight back against the Banks / Mortgage companies that wreaked havoc on our economy in order to re-establish their financial foundation. You are a big part of the solution vs the financial system that triggered hardship for so many. Forever grateful.


Author : alohagal (IP: 71.xxxxxxxxxx) on 4/1/2011
E-mail : m*#^I@yahoo.com

Dear Moe and staff,

I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for this site.  You are such a blessing to me and to countless others.  Before this site, I was a nervous wreck.  The forum has helped me kept my sanity.  It has given me such a wealth of information and I didn’t feel alone.  What a great support group!!  I looked back on my posts and remembered how frantic I felt.  And thanks to this forum, I was able to find the information and most of all the feeling that there is HOPE.  This forum gives HOPE to people!  Thank God for you Moe and your staff!!

I received my first mortgage modification approval last year (OneWest) and just recently, got my second 2mp (Citi) approval.  It was an ordeal (end of 2009 to March 2011), but I followed the threads that was for me and got great advise from everyone!!

There are no words to tell you how Thankful I am.  I just wanted to write this to tell you that I am very very grateful for all you do at Loan Safe.org!!!  This website was truly a blessing for me!!!   I pray that you have good health, happiness and prosperity!! : ))))   May God Bless you, always!!!!

From the bottom of my heart, THANKYOU!!!! – Alohagal


Chris516 2/15/2011OMG OMG I GOT MY PERMANENT LOAN MODIFICATION FROM BOFA!!!!!!! TODAY!!!! IS this a good one?

They increased my loan balance $11,373.99 (Past due interest & taxes an insurance)
They increased my mortgage term 6 years and 5 months.

My payment is $1500 less a month!!!!!!

1-5 years-2%

I cant not believe after 18 months I got it!!!!

MOE, Meance HUGE CYBER HUGS!!! I found this site as a newly divorced single mother trying to keep my home and I had no idea how. Your advice guided me and without you I would have NEVER got this!!!


however I dont see the $1000, benefit?


Kcarb 12/8/2010 -I have been browsing this site since the beginning of October (months after starting our modification review) and read posts almost every day, both happy for the successes on the forum and also full of anxiety when I read the modification stories, where the outcome is grim. We are in the midst of a mod process and it is really starting to get to me. Some days I feel hopeful and others, not at all. I am so impressed with the amount of knowledge that this forum provides.


Member Kirkspal Joined August 2009

Well, after 25 months, forbearance, 2 trial mods, 15 trial payments, and a foreclosure notice, Chase has modified my mortgage!!! Our foreclosure sale date for our house was to be Feb 16, 2011. Woo hoo, we get to keep our house! I take it as being official today. I have not received the signed agreement back from Chase but the website has our updated information listed after being “unavailable” for a while now.

IT CAN HAPPEN PEOPLE. I have felt hopeless, depressed, and angry for 2 years now. Don’t give up the fight if you really want to keep your home. I have been living scared for so long I feel like I can finally breath. Our new payments are still a lot for us but we are going to make it work.




date    Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 9:13 AM
subject    Re: Happy Birthday from Mortgage Forum – LoanSafe.org

Thank you and this forum for everything. Helped me save my home and my sanity!!

Founding Senior Stylist &
New Stylist Trainer, Gigi Hill


9/5/2010 – Hello Moe, I just wanted to tell you, your website has saved my life (literally), I stumbled on your site in the middle of losing my home, I was able to network with people going through the same thing as I am. I didn’t feel alone anymore, I have tried to give back and counsel those that haven’t walked in my shoes yet. We hear so much about what is wrong with America, I just wanted you to know, you are whats “right” with America. I am known as “Homesweethome” on your site, and thank you again.

Nina Mitchell


Linda has sent you a message.
Date: 7/27/2010  Subject: you saved my life

Hi Moe – about 8- 9 months ago I found your website. I read other “victims” stories and knew I was not alone. I email BoA
president Barbara as suggested and it worked. I have been in the Loan Mod with them since January and just have to push to get the final paperwork done. But I could live and enjoy my life when I got the help from you.
Maybe we have learned hard lessons – but you actually do something about it for us little guys. Mille grazie! Linda


Dear Moe,

This is unbelieveable, but I have great news!

I just received a phone call today from my lender Indymac and they finally gave me the HAMP program loan modification after 1 year of fighting.  I did contact HUD counselors who have assisted me through this present request for a loan modification.  I would definately suggest everyone to contact HUD to have them assist and represent anyone with their loan modification.  I had been denied 5 times in the past year. It has now been 1 year almost to the date and it seems as if the bank just waited for me to go into foreclosure to really consider doing this.  As of this weekend 7/30 I would only be 30 days away from a trustee sale.

First of all I want to Thank God for this miracle.  And, I want to thank you for so kindly responding to my email.  I wish to pass along this information to any and all others of thousands of people who are still fighting for their true right to a loan modification and help everyone everywhere and especially on your website.  I love your website and God Bless and thank you so much for it.  It has truly helped me to keep in touch and updated and given so much great information to keep my head and heart lifted up when I was drowning in pain and fear.  I pray for everyone on your website everywhere tonite and for you and your family for doing such a wonderful giving thing for so many people.

I will still stay updated and wish you and everyone the best blessings.  We all deserve a second chance to keep our homes and maybe the banks will realize this as things just get worse and worse.  Afterall, they are and have nothing without us homeowners.  You are right, keep on fighting, screaming and kicking.

These are our homes! Thank you again.

Respectfully Michele


My name is Anita Nelson and Loansafe.org helped me and my husband save our home!!! I am a true success story and without this site we would not be in our home!

We bought our home in July 06 in Stagecoach Nevada. Our purchase price was 333,000 we obtained a loan with the help of the seller doing a carry back of 64,000. Immediately after the loan closed the seller started harassing us to get that paid even though we had 5 yrs. We refinanced 6 months later into a horrible loan with 11.65 % interest rate with a payment of $3515 a month (that didn’t include taxes or insurance) the broker said its ok, do this for 6 months, I will get you 11,000 to pay the payments and it will all be ok.

Well it wasn’t!!! After 6 months he couldn’t help and almost a year later when the 11,000 was just about used up with helping making the payments Avelo Mortgage paid our taxes. They were not late, the bill was sent to them by misstate and they paid them and raised our payment $288 a month!!! Now I knew for sure that we couldn’t do this much longer our payment was now $3800 a month. I called Avelo and they said I could apply for a loan modification, which I did and 1 month later was denied with no reason at all!! Deals off, which was their exact words!! I was crushed. I had to tell my husband we were going to lose our home.

That was in October 07  I will never forget the day my husband said to me, you don’t give up, you are a fighter and I know you can figure this out! So the fight was on!!! January 25, 2008, I found Loansafe. I joined right away and told my story. That same day I had so much advise on what to do and where to start. With the guidance from the moderators on the site I finally got up enough nerve in February to do a QWR, write letters to everyone I could, did an interview for our local news and called called called Avelo daily, every single day I called. I was determined to be a pain in the ass!

On February 18th Avelo called me as I was driving to work and her exact words were, What can we do for you Mrs. Nelson to help you with your loan?  I explained to her that even though my loan isn’tt going to reset for another year we just can’t do the payments. She went over our financials and said we qualified for a loan modification. I faxed here everything she requested by Friday February 22nd and she said it would be a month before we knew anything.

On March 7th, Gil from Avelo called and said our modification was approved; new interest rate will be 6.75% fixed for the life of the loan with a new payment of $2686 a month and that includes taxes and insurance. No payment was due for March and new payment starts April 1st. I was and still am delighted. We are still on cloud 9 even though it has been a few months of our new modified loan.

Our lives have changed so much. Our home wasn’t purchased to be an investment it was purchased because we love it and it is where we want to spend the rest of our lives. It is OUR HOME!!! And it wouldn’t be without Loansafe, Moe, Cat, Andrew and everyone else.

I just really want to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Anita Nelson

Loan Safe success # 65

P.S. Moe should have a copy of my modification; I did email it to him when I got it for him to have for his success file!!!!


JacMac – Homeowner and single mother from New York – I want to wholeheartedly recommend this forum to those who just popped up here or may have been lurking and are scared, unsure perhaps you’ve just realized you’ve been taken for a roller coaster ride, and the price of the trip is more than they said, more than you can afford — the point is, the forum is a wonderful place, and it is SAFE!

The internet can be a scary place, with people posing as someone who wants to help you but what they really want to do is make a buck. This is NOT one of those places.

You can save your home OR do something about what is happening to you. Even though you’ve been victimized, you don’t have to be a victim. Take power over your life again!!!

This forum can help you make choices that are right for you, and you’ll be amongst people who are just like you, and who care. I’m speaking from personal experience AND I’m not getting anything for saying this!!

See Jac Mac’s loan modification. Courtesy of Loan Safe!


Andrew P. – Homeowner, police husband father of twin boys from Pennsylvania saves his home. (Now a Loan Safe moderator & also a. A perfect example of the power of paying it forward and the power of this website)

Received an apology letter and loan mod via fax from countrywide office of the president. Secretary of Mozilo called and asked if they can fax along with mail the documents. Maybe tomorrow will send Moe and email with the scanned letters to post.

If you go back and read some of posts I have been worried about my mortgage for a while now. I had originally called in August and asked about it but was told since I’m not late they couldn’t do anything. Then in October when I called again I was told that I could apply. After months and who knows how many hours on the phone.

I was finally approved for a 5 yr freeze on mortgage. I even had to go as far as threaten to rescind my loan and send RESPA letters with the violations Brian had found. I really am very grateful of Moe for this site and his wisdom and guidance. I feel very stress free right now. I will be staying on this board to help others who were in my predicament too.


See Andrew’s loan modification from the Office of the President Of Countrywide, Angelo Mozilo


To Whom It May Concern:

All was well till my husband’s job laid him off for 2 weeks in 10/06. That 2 week lay off lasted 6 months at which time he took on a new job with a 25% reduction in pay.

We had Litton Loan Servicing with a 10.5% ARM 5/30. Needless to say nothing was paid timely. In 3/07 we contacted Litton to apply for a modification, they granted us a forbearance plan increasing our payments an additional 1200.00 each month for 18 months. Our payments went from 3041.94 to 4200.94 just trying to save our home.

Needless to say we zeroed out all of our assets to meet this obligation until the well ran dry in 10/07. Hence, we break our forbearance plan.

In October we contacted Litton begging/pleading and crying for a more affordable monthly payment to no avail. November and December the same result NO HELP.

Christmas comes and Christmas goes or lack thereof (picture no X-Mas with 3 children) and an Italian Husband. We’re talking no gifts no seafood no nothing.

Right after the New Year 01/08 we get fired up and are determined to be heard. We can afford our home but we cannot afford to catch up.

To Google we go.

We trip on Loansafe.org. Now I will tell you we were skeptical. Who helps others for free? Better yet how many other people could really be under a Notice of Default? Boy, were we shocked.

We became part of the Loansafe family in 01/08. And we say family because that is what they are. Family helps out family and boy did they help us out. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No question was too stupid for them to answer and let me tell you we asked some real doozies.

With the hand held assistance from our family at Loansafe most specifically Cat but at times Moe as well (he is really busy) we learned how to fight for ourselves and win.

Our fight started in February and we won our modification in April. We went from 10.5% to 8% for 5 years J a savings of more than $300.00 each month.

You would think that is the end. NOT.

Cat offered to review our modification documents for us so that we could sign then with piece of mind. We scanned them to her, she gave us her stamp of approval and off to success we went.

Still think it’s over. NOT.

30 days after our online account is updated with the new payment amount and zero arrearages Litton contacts us and reveals an escrow shortage that will drive our monthly payment back up and over the top, worse than when we started the modification.

I report this back to my family at Loan safe and once again Cat rescues us. She recommends we contact Litton and ask them to stretch the shortage out over 3 years. Once again we followed her advice to the T and Litton agreed.

Now although I owe my home, sanity and happy life to Cat and Moe I also owe it to all the members on Loansafe who supported me through those very, very long sleepless and crying nights.

Thank you Loansafe

Joseph and Lynn Arena


Dear Moe,

I have been fighting to keep my home since 2003. To me it’s not Real Estate. It’s where my 10 year old son has grown up, where birthdays and Holidays have been so special, and where family and friends in town always feel safe and warm and loved. I was blessed to grow up in a place like that on 2.5 acres in Riverside California, and I’ve done my best to duplicate that atmosphere on my acre here near Wellington Florida.

When I read your words and quotes on your website, I felt like I had been surviving alone in the desert and someone had just given me a 5 gallon container of purified, ice cold water.  Thank you for being here. And thank you to everyone who has contributed to the site. It is truly one of the most wonderful contributions to the world imaginable. And that is in no way an overstatement. Please accept my heartfelt Thank You Moe.

Warmest and Kindest Regards,

Damon H


Dear Loansafe.org:

I bought my first house in February 2006, which I was so happy. I was making my monthly mortgage payments on time until I ran across some financial difficulties that was totally unexpected. I even ran out of my emergency money just to keep up with my payments. I fell behind by one month and I tried to get my mortgage company, Countrywide, to help me to work something out. Well, in November 2007, I was told that I could apply for a Loan Modification because my Adjustable Rate was going to change in February 2008 and obviously I could not qualify to refinance.

I sent the necessary paperwork, (i.e. paycheck stub, bank statement, hardship letter). It took Countrywide two months to respond. In January 2008, I received a FEDEX package with my loan modification approval to temporarily lock my rate until 3/2013. I sent the paperwork back (got it notarized) to Countrywide, which they received it on 1/28/08. Well, after speaking with customer service and attempting to speak with someone with the loan workout department, I started sending my new monthly payment in 3/2008, as agreed. From March to June 2008, I received paperwork indicating that I was in default and possibly the loan foreclosure process could be initiated. I tried calling the loan work out during that time, which I was getting nowhere.

Then one day, I decided to search on the Internet on any information that can help me with my situation. That’s when I found out about Loansafe.org. That was a blessing because a lot of the information on the site was very helpful. And after reading a lot of the blogs, I found out I was not the only one going through this. I started a new thread with my situation and Cat responded right way. I was amazed. She gave me a telephone number to Tabitha at Countrywide. After speaking with her, I got my situation resolved in a week. I was thrilled that finally this was corrected.

I also wanted to mention that during that week waiting for my account with Countrywide to be corrected, Cat and other bloggers were so supportive. It helped me a lot because this was so stressful to a point that it started to affect me emotionally and physically. Anyone who is going through this mortgage crisis should go to this website. Moe, Cat and the others are truly Angels for helping people like me who are going through a difficult situation. I cannot stop raving about this site. I even referred a friend of mine who is going through a similar situation and I believe she is in the process of getting her situation corrected, also.

I want to say THANK YOU, CAT, MOE AND THE OTHERS ON LOANSAFE!!! You really helped me and I hope you continue your success in helping others like myself.


Yvonne Bowen

Lancaster, CA


I started the loan modification process on 11/20/07 by sending in my financial info, pay stubs and bank statements. I followed up every week and did not really get the best feedback.

In late December, a great loss mitigation rep told me that I “fell through thru cracks” and gave me another fax number to send my pay stubs and bank statements. She told me that she would help me put a rush on my application. She also told me that after receipt of the documents, they would put the foreclosure on “hold”. I think “hold” means moving the sale 90 or more days.

Well since I have followed this GREAT website, I have been calling every day since about 1/3/2008. On 1/10/2008, they told me that my complete package was received and accepted on 1/7/2008 (official start date I guess)

Since then I have been calling every day to follow my file. The loss mit dept at Chase has been very good. Everyone is polite and patient.

Today I called and they told me that I am approved! and will be receiving my loan docs in the next few days! They did not tell me the interest rate because it was not available (not sure if true) but they did tell me the down payment ($8152) by 2/14. I asked about the step program(thanks to the website explaining that) and they said that I was recommended for that (whatever that means)

So needless to say I am happy and anxious to receive my docs. My loan mod process so far has been about 30 days since the official (1/7/08) date.


Bob – Homeowner from San Diego – I have finally got my loan fixed for 5 years @ 5.99%. Fully amortized loan..principal and interest. After almost 6 months of doing battle with Countrywide I am done. I have to make two more payments (Jan. and Feb.) at 7.45% but then in March 08 it goes back down to 5.99% saving me $610.00 a month! Great news!! I do not even have to sign any paperwork. They said it is a done deal and I will probably receive a letter in the mail today.Here is a link to my original thread:

Hopefully 5 years will buy me enough time to pay down my second mortgage and put me in a good position to refi. I want to thank Moe Bedard, Brian and all the forum members for all your help and encouragement. I never would have been able to keep my home if it wasn’t for the knowledge I gained from www.loansafe.org. Thank you all so much!!

Do not give up!! Keep up the fight!! You to can stop foreclosure!!!If anyone needs any help or advice in dealing with CW from someone who has been through it, just drop me an email at
bob@xxxxxxx.com and I will do whatever I can to help.Paying it back and forward is the way to go!

Thanks again for all the congrats! Well I got my docs today! As promised my loan is at frozen at 5.7% for 5 years!! My modification did not cost anything and we do not have to make a March payment.

In the cover letter, it said to return the application for auto withdrawal of payment, but package did not include app. so I called our negotiator Christy Mcgowan (very nice girl) and she said that it would not be necessary, it was an oversight on her that she didn’t omit that part. She also told me that it was not possible to modify our second rate (9.875%) That is fine by me, because it is fixed and I was really only worried about the first! It would have just been the cherry on top! I still can’t believe that this is a done deal! I am so happy and relieved!!!!

Here are the biggest misconceptions that kept me from even trying the modification route until I found Loansafe.

1. You have to be late in order to qualify for a modification

2. You must have a serious financial hardship

3. It takes 3-6 months

4. You can’t do this yourself!

5. It’s a pain in the a$$!!!!


1. I was never late

2. good steady income, but no LTV

3. 5 weeks

4. You CAN do this yourself!!!! (with the help of y’all)

5. It’s a pain in the a$$!!! No gettin around that one! I lived at the Kinko’s fax machine!

All in all my case was “easy”. My only real problem was LTV. I feel for so many of you out there that are in much more dire situations than my family and I hope that each and every one of you can find the best solution for you. Don’t give up! Call call, call, call and fax, fax, fax” I am positive that the turning point in my case was the QWR. It definitely put some fire under their bums!

Thank you,

Shannon AKA shannonek  – Member and a  “Success with CitiMortgage HELOC ”


We were very lucky. I am relieved this is all over. But, I’ve learned so much these last five months. On Saturday, my husband and I volunteered at the local homeless shelter. We know how fortunate we are to still be in our home. It’s our time to give back to those who are not as fortunate. We are both committed to doing this monthly, to remind us our journey and to be thankful for being given a second chance.

To all of you still fighting your battle, don’t give up. Stay in contact with your lender until you’re even driving yourself crazy. Ask questions, explore options, and contact elected officials. Don’t be afraid to tell your story to anyone who will listen. I will continue to pray for all of you, that all of you will find a permanent solution as well.

Thank you to Moe, Poppy, Cat and Andrew for all of your advice, support and encouragement. I could not have done it without you!!!!

echo2  “I did it!!! Modification approved!!!!”


Well, today I received a call from Citi Mortgage that our mod application had been approved. Our first payment is due in April. We can skip March’s payment.

The whole process took about three weeks. We will be getting our loan mod papers via UPS this Friday!

Three weeks ago, I sent in my paperwork, financial information, hardship letter etc. to the mod department.

I called to follow up shortly after and inquire as to whether or not they had received my documents. I was told that they had and that if I didn’t hear back by March 1st to give them a call.

I decided to email three people with Citi Mortgage. The CEO and two others from the office of homeownership preservation. I emailed them last Thursday and explained my situation to them. I got an email from one of them the next day letting me know that someone would contact me by end of business on Monday (two days ago). Sure enough, someone did. This person took financial information from me over the phone and asked me to fax him a hardship letter, my W2’s and a pay stub.

The next day, Tuesday, the closer sent off our package to the underwriter. Today, Wednesday, we received a call from the closer letting us know that our application was approved and we were all set.

Our interest rate went from 13.6 to 2% for the next two years. After the two years are up, they will review our info again and determine whether or not another modification is needed. Our monthly payment went down by over 500.00 dollars!

I’m still stunned.

A few more details. We were never ever late on this loan. Nor have we ever been over 30 days late on our first mortgage.

Now, we are working on modifying our first which is set to reset on December 2008.

So, there you have it. It can be done!

salvega530 – Member “Chase Success III”

Hello everyone!!