Many people in today’s economy have trouble with their credit. Sadly this trouble shows up on their credit report. It can take some time to improve your credit report – and a poorly affected credit report can affect you in many ways.

One of the biggest ways it can affect you is when you want to make a large purchase or to rent and apartment. Fortunately people with bad credit do manage to rent apartments successfully. You simply need to learn the tips and tactics to renting an apartment with a bad credit report. 

Accept that you may need to look harder and longer for an apartment. Every person looking for an apartment has certain requirements they are looking for. One of yours is that they not run a credit report. You don’t want them to discover that you’ve got a bad credit report. If they do they probably won’t rent the apartment to you – at least not without a co-signer or other hassles. So planning for your apartment search to take longer and to look harder is your best plan. You need to be sure they aren’t going to run a credit check before renting the apartment to you. It’s that simple. 

Provide references that show you are a good renter and otherwise acceptable. Give renting and employment references so they can learn a bit about you before renting the apartment to you. Your current landlord can reassure them that you are a quiet, easy-to-get-along with type of person.

Also that you pay your rent on time and keep things neat and clean! These references can be very useful for someone who is unable to show a good credit report. A reference can show that someone else sees you as valuable and with potential. They can show there is more to the story than just numbers. 

Ask people you know about apartments that have open units. You never know who could be renting an apartment today. While you don’t have to discuss your bad credit situation with everyone, there is the chance that if your Uncle refers you to an apartment in his building that they won’t bother to run a credit check because they know your Uncle and he has vouched for you. Having a personal reference can be very helpful. Let everyone know you are looking for an apartment.