Order From Chaos
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Moe Commentary (LoanSafe.org) – It was the best of mortgage times, it was the worst of foreclosure times; it was the age of unwise underwriting wisdom, it was the age of CEO foolishness; it was the season of non-illuminated light, it was the season of  economic darkness; it was the spring of business hope, it was the the winter of reality despair; we had everything on a silver platter before us, because of our greed we have nothing before us; we were all going to our real estate heavens, now we are all going the foreclosure way.

The roaring real estate days have officially ended. Easy mortgages with even easier underwriters drunk on toxic guidelines are a thing of the drunken lender past. It is mortgage mayhem out there right now. Things have went from bad to worse and there seems to be no end in sight.

Will the real estate and loan markets recover in three years, fiver years or ten years? My new prediction is ten years at the bare minimum. But right now, we are going to see the home loan $hit hit the foreclosure fan and this crap is kicking into high gear come 2011.

Most every single person who has sold, made, worked on, bought or invested in a home and loan is terminally infected. They or you are simply doomed. Yes, it is that bad and if any of you have been reading my words for the last three years you might understand my point of view.

I am speaking gloom and doom because that is what it is. My eyes are wide open to all our Main Street realities and all I see on the horizon are dark clouds. Clouds so dark that when they come, some may not be able to see light for good.

If any of you who are reading my words hear me, please listen to what I say. Take this has one of your final warnings. Build your economic boats or your archs and start preparing for the worst real estate weather this country has ever faced.

As the long time Latin expression would teach us, “ORDO AB CHO” which means, Order From Chaos.

Times are very chaotic for many people on earth right now. Many of us are under or unemployed, over indebted, over weight and over uneducated. We are out of sync with how the world should properly flow from our over indulgences on whatever was marketed to us “consumers.” Many of us bit on the greedy fruit thinking it was the American Dream to only realize it was really an economic nightmare dressed up as Mom’s apple pie.

Who is to blame for all this mayhem and destruction? After three years of seeing this crisis from every single side of the fence, WE ARE ALL TO BLAME. Plain and simple. I do not care if you are a banker, homeowner, government official, renter or Ronald McDonald, you and I are all in this crap together. So, we all better get our boots on while the $hit is still at our ankles or just get in that boat I told you to build for the tenth time.

Until we all look in the mirror and take responsibility of our actions in our own hands, then we are just acting like little babies. Last time I checked, the bankers and government are certainly not our mothers and I still cannot locate the millions of free or reduced loan fat mortgage nipples.

With that said, the foreclosure chaos is here and the mortgage order will come later. Much, much later…..

Moe Bedard
My name is Maurice "Moe" Bedard. I am the founder of America's #1 Mortgage Forum, LoanSafe.org. My online work has been featured in the New York Times, LA Times, Fox Business, and many other media publications.