Mortgage delinquencies increased this past month to just over 4.5%, according to Black Knight Financial Services July 2016 report.

There are currently 2,836,000 homes that are 30 days past due or in foreclosure.

On a good note, foreclosure starts declined 12% to the second lowest monthly total in 10 years, and foreclosure inventory also dropped to its lowest point since July 2007.

The top 5 states for mortgage delinquencies were Mississippi 11.67%, Louisiana 9.63%, New Jersey 8.95%, West Virginia 8.34% and Alabama 8.21%.

The top 5 States by 90+ Days delinquent percentage were Mississippi 3.56%, Louisiana 2.69%, Alabama 2.45%, Arkansas 2.06% and Tennessee 2.04%

To see the full Black Knight report, visit this link.

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