global warmingThe leaked University of East Anglia emails revealed a scandal which has been labeled as “climategate” (a word that, according to Google, appears online more than 9 million times) and which will probably be receiving more and more attention. There are a lot of scenarios worth analyzing but what most people tend to overlook is the power a select few scientists had when it comes to this scandal.

This goes especially for the IPCC scientists (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) who have used the “hockey stick” approach in order to link man-made global warming to the fact that the Earth’s temperature has increased all of a sudden over a period of about 10 years. A lot of other scientists such as Steve McIntyre question the entire “hockey stick” approach and it seems that these people have been censored.

Now an important question arises: who would have to gain by censoring these people and “protecting” the concept of man-made global warming? The answers seem to be slowly but surely making their appearance.

Source: Telegraph

Moe Bedard
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