Submitted to by LadyofDarkness – Hello guys… I have a Wells Fargo mortgage. We were not late or have ever been delinquent with paying the mortgage, but was afraid that we would fall behind soon due to our high property tax increase. Late summer of last year, we contacted Wells Fargo to inquire about a modification. They did their thing over the phone and said we were “pre-approved” for a loan modification. They asked us to fax a hardship letter, a financial worksheet, and pay stubs.

Well we did. And then after a long period of waiting, we finally got some kind of answer. At the time I didn’t know that they were offering us a moratorium. I thought it was some sort of pre-trial thing for a modification. I did not agree to it at first cause the balloon payment scared the crap out of me. Concerned, I called Wells Fargo and spoke to probably about 40 different reps. They each told me that it was a good plan, a way for us to use the extra money to pay off our 3 other credit card debts. They said by the 3rd month, if I’m not able to pay the balloon payment then that’s when they will find other workouts for me that will put me closer to a modification.

Well, by the 3rd month, obviously I couldn’t pay the balloon payment cause I used the extra money to pay off the other debts. Now I’m over 4,000 behind with them and they started sending me default letters and the collection calls started. Once the moratorium ended, they dropped me like a hot potato and sent me to collection!!!!!!!!!

Pissed off, I called Wells Fargo and asked for their manager or supervisor. She advised me to send in all the paperwork again so I can be reinstated into the Loss MIT department for a review. Well for the hundredth time, I sent in the paperwork which is costing me about $15 each time.

So I been calling everyday, then finally a rep told me that a processor got a hold of my account and is working on my loan. It is in a review status.

Anyway, after many phone calls and paperwork that I faxed in, the “processor” called back and asked some questions like how much is this and that. he said he’ll have a decision for us in 5 days. Okay so 5 days later, we got a voice mail that says “we been approved for the final stages of a modification.”

Excited as hell, I called back to get more details. The reps tried to transfer me to that processor , I will call him James. So I tried contacting James, but no luck. By this point I was very anxious. I told a rep that I got a voicemail. The rep tells me yes, she sees that James noted my account that I am approved for a HAMP trial starting June 1st, but then the rep said it doesn’t look like it’s set though, that it was only noted. So desperately, I been calling James, I even emailed him, but no answer.

Then yesterday a lady called, I will call her Lisa. Lisa said my account has been forwarded to her and that she will be sending some Hamp paperwork to me fill out. It includes a hardship affidavit and a financial sheet. Confused, I asked her why I was forwarded to her, what the heck happened to James? I also asked her about the voicemail that was left regarding the Hamp trial that James noted on the account. Lisa was clueless about what I was asking her. She tells me she does not know who james is and does not see that hamp trial on my account. She says the paper she is sending is some sort of application for HAMP. She told me to make my regular payment in May of over $1500 and then hopefully by June we will get an answer from a negotiator. She said to disregard what James said for now.

So right now, I am sooo very very confused. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone!!!!!!!

Has this happened to any of you guys??? is this common??? Please help!! I’m waiting for those papers. The tracker says i’ll be getting it on Thursday. DOES THIS LOOK LIKE MY MORTGAGE IS MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION???

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