Many people and attorneys are searching for examples of loan modification agreements on the internet. The good news is you just landed on, the longest operating and most popular blog on this subject.

Whether if you are a homeowner or an attorney, we have everything you need to process a modification.

Quick Disclaimer: Well, almost everything. If you’re a homeowner and need legal help, we advise that you search for an experienced lawyer in your state. Here are a few experienced law firms below. You can click on the links if you wish to explore these firms more or scroll below for your forms.

  • California Attorneys- Fransen & Molinaro (888) 756-2652 or visit them on the web at
  • New York Attorneys- The Radow Law Group (516) 338-780 or visit them on the web at
  • Michigan Attorneys – The Law Offices of Shannon Shaya, P.C. (246) 789-5551
  • Florida Attorny Marshall E. Rosenbach (

Just like taxes, mowing your lawn, pulling a bad tooth and stopping a foreclosure, some of us brave folks like to do this kind of work ourselves. Heck, it’s much cheaper than paying a professional to handle these tasks.

If you come from the school of DIY (Do It Yourself), then this blog e-book below is for you!

Please don’t pay these shady companies or call these creeps when you can get your loan modification agreements, proposals and information to do this for free right here.

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After you download the free loan modification e-book with everything you need, please join our forum with over 17,000 homeowners and over 300 plus saved homes. The book + the forum are powerful tools to help you through the battle!

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