WASHINGTON HUD (LoanSafe.org) – Here are some foreclosure scam red flag warnings from the Nevada Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce that all homeowners should be aware of before they seek foreclosure assistance.

Be suspicious of anyone that:

  • Guarantees to stop foreclosure,
  • Pressures you to sign or pay
  • Tells you NOT to contact your lender
  • Wants to charge you up-front
  • Tells you to make payments only to them
  • Offers to fill out all the paper work for you
  • Tells you foreclosure ‘scams’ aren’t real

There are reputable groups who can help and you will not be charged for their services. But before you do anything else visit these websites to educate and protect yourself:

Nevada residents can also visit the Nevada Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce online at:

If you need assistance with your mortgage anywhere in the nation and would like to talk to a HUD Approved Housing Counselor, please visit:

Moe Bedard
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