Now, that is the question of the year for beaten down investors and consumers on Main Street. In the wake of the SEC allegations that Goldman Sachs committed fraud in selling subprime mortgages, many investors are wondering who to trust and who not to trust with their investments. This Wall Street apprehension by Main Street is well warranted and investors need to perform their due diligence before trusting anyone with their money.

Investors also need to understand that when the yield is high, this means that the risk is high. This is investing 101 that many people fail to realize. If you do not believe me, please ask a few Madoff victims who were swindled out of their life savings based on promises of high returns and low risk. There is no such thing!

Bottom line, buyer beware!

In this CNBC video with Kelly Campbell, Campbell Wealth Mgmt. and Jeff Hussey, Russell Investment Group they discuss whether your money is safe in the hands of Wall Street,

Moe Bedard
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