War on TerrorThis is a very controversial subject. One that has many Americans torn on what can and cannot be done during the course of war. At the center of this controversy are questionable interrogation techniques used by the Central Intelligence Agency in America’s war on terror.

The Hill is reporting that records revealing new information about the CIA’s destruction of torture tapes showing the footage of the violent interrogation of prisoners incarcerated at the CIA black sites were obtained late last month. They claim that these records include the exact date the CIA destroyed the tapes as well as the involvement of the White House in the proposed destruction.

Apparently hundreds of hours of the torture tapes of three alleged al-Qaida members were destroyed by the CIA agents, and although claimed by the group as euphemistic water boarding rather than water torture, records obtained showed that the torture was authorized by the Bush administration. 

After this serious revelation of the torture tapes destruction, we are all seeing the usual casting and scrambling of blame.

Most of the White House officials seem to focus on who could possibly made and handed down the decision to accept the proposal for the destruction, rather than on the underlying and more crucial issue: the fact that the apparent consent that sanctioned the torture came from some of congressional leadership in the Bush administration. 

Whether this is morally right or wrong is question we all need to ask ourselves as President Obama sends 30,000 more of our young men and women into Afghanistan. But no one ever said war was moral, nor right.

Source: The Hill

Moe Bedard
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