Statement of Lynna Kaucheck, Senior Organizer, Food & Water Watch

Washington, D.C. – January 15, 2015 – “The Flint water crisis reached disturbing new heights this week with revelations that cases of Legionnaires’ Disease there have spiked since it switched its water source to the Flint river. There were 87 cases in Genesee County from June 2014 to November 2015, 10 of which resulted in death.

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According to a national water quality expert, it’s possible that improper treatment of the river’s water is responsible for the outbreak. “The water crisis in Flint is a total abomination. Governor Snyder and his administration could have protected Flint residents, but instead they turned a blind eye, even assuring residents that their water was safe. The situation in Flint is the very definition of a man-made public health crisis.”

It’s a human rights violation, and it’s beyond unacceptable.

“Since it’s clear that the Snyder administration cannot adequately address this crisis, it’s time the federal government stepped in. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services should declare a state of emergency to give Flint residents the resources they so desperately need.”

Food & Water Watch is a nonprofit consumer organization that works to ensure clean water and safe food. We challenge the corporate control and abuse of our food and water resources by empowering people to take action and by transforming the public consciousness about what we eat and drink.

Contact: Kate Fried, Food & Water Watch, (202) 683-4905

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