Christopher Joseph, a disabled Iraqi war veteran has won his 12 year battle against US Bank this past week.

Christopher and his wife have been awarded their mortgage and home “free and clear” by the ppellate division of the state Supreme Court who threw out the foreclosure case against them. reported that US Bank had failed to meet the state’s six-year deadline to file its second foreclosure lawsuit, court papers show.

Christopher Joseph, 55, told News Day, “It’s a big weight off my shoulders, a big relief. It’s taken a lot of stress and pressure off us.”

The Joseph’s attorneys said that he has more than 30 clients seeking to get their foreclosure cases thrown out because the deadline has passed.

The Josephs’ fought US Bank’s foreclosure case for more than a decade after Christopher was deployed to Iraq in 2002 and then suffered a back injury when he jumped from a military truck under enemy fire.

The Joseph’s fell behind on their mortgage payments and in 2006 their lender sued to foreclose.

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