Many people do not realize what it entails to operate a website like The long hours of research, writing, answering questions in our forum and emails takes a tremendous amount of effort for such a small operation like we have here. I employ a crew of four people who work full time. In addition, I often work 14 hours a day and I still do not have time to answer all the pleas for help from my fellow struggling Americans.

My inability to help some of these people actually hurts me as I think about them when I shut down the computer at night in order to spend time with my family.  They are often in my thoughts as I fall asleep, only to awake in the morning to more cries for help from different people across the country. I am only one person and I can’t possibly keep up with all the questions daily. It is a vicious cycle that I cannot seem to get a grasp on. It seems as more time goes by, the more questions I receive and true cries for help.

Today, I was going back on some old emails that I had missed and came across a homeowner named Michelle from Santa Clarita, California. I decided to reply to her with some heart felt answers to the questionsthat were troubling her. She had been fighting One West Bank for over a year with absolutely no luck. Shortly after hitting the send button, I received a reply back from her with good news. She no longer needed my help because she just received a loan modification. 

However, the heart felt thankful words in her reply email made me cry.

I am a man, but I am also a human who cares for his fellow brothers and sisters who are suffering terribly across the county. These cries for help that I receive daily weigh heavily on my soul. The thousands of stories I have read, the lost homes, jobs and lives have taken their toll on me. But I do know that the work we are doing here on LoanSafe is touching many families across the country. So, that does make me feel really good about my work.

It is emails like Michelle’s that keep me going. It is not money or blogging fame.

These kind words sent to me by my readers give me the fuel for my inspiration. They keep me working these longs days in order to keep fighting for the little guys and gals across the nation. I am sure that publications like the Wall Street Journal, NY Times or the Huffington Post do not  ever receive emails like the one below from their readers. Yet, I am just a low paid blogger that had a good idea and followed it with a big heart.

I’ll take these emails any day because I know that if you do what is right, the money will follow. 😉

Here is Michelle’s email:

Dear Moe,
This is unbelievable, but I have great news! 

I just received a phone call today from my lender Indymac and they finally gave me the HAMP program loan modification after 1 year of fighting.  I did contact HUD counselors who have assisted me through this present request for a loan modification.  I would definitely suggest everyone to contact HUD to have them assist and represent anyone with their loan modification.  I had been denied 5 times in the past year. It has now been 1 year almost to the date and it seems as if the bank just waited for me to go into foreclosure to really consider doing this.  As of this weekend 7/30 I would only be 30 days away from a trustee sale. 

First of all I want to Thank God for this miracle.  And, I want to thank you for so kindly responding to my email.  I wish to pass along this information to any and all others of thousands of people who are still fighting for their true right to a loan modification and help everyone everywhere and especially on your website.  I love your website and God Bless and thank you so much for it.  It has truly helped me to keep in touch and updated and given so much great information to keep my head and heart lifted up when I was drowning in pain and fear.  I pray for everyone on your website everywhere tonite and for you and your family for doing such a wonderful giving thing for so many people. 

I will still stay updated and wish you and everyone the best blessings.  We all deserve a second chance to keep our homes and maybe the banks will realize this as things just get worse and worse.  After all, they are and have nothing without us homeowners.  You are right, keep on fighting, screaming and kicking. 

These are our homes! Thank you again. 
Respectfully Michele

Moe Bedard
My name is Maurice "Moe" Bedard. I am the founder of America's #1 Mortgage Forum, My online work has been featured in the New York Times, LA Times, Fox Business, and many other media publications.