How to survive the coming great depressionCome 2010, many experts believe that the United States as we know it is going to be a different fish, a literal plethora of hidden anarchy and possible destruction.  A landscape that was once filled with American dreams will be turned into a battlefield of  millions of living American Nightmares.

Once law abiding citizens will soon have to resort to a life of crime to put food on the table for their children. Previously ethical salesmen will morph into financial predators just to make a sale and thus a paycheck.

Things may get bad. Real bad folks.

As Gerald Celente, world famous trends forecaster and CEO of the Trends Research Institute says, “When People Lose Everything, They Have Nothing Left To Lose, And They Lose It.” Mr. Celente is actually predicting a possible revolution in the US due to the economic collapse and growing political dissatisfaction of Main Street.

The coming criminal and poverty prospects of the Great Depression II that this nation faces has not been realized by the Main Street masses as of yet. This simple mistake of hoping for the best, sticking your head in the sand, relying on corporate media to think for you and not preparing for the worst case scenario will most likely be your undoing in the event that the $hit Hits the Fan (SHTF). Soon, you too may enter this Depression without a job, home or money and all we can do here is say, “I told you so!”

Personally, I have lived in all sectors of society in my 38 long years of life. I have been homeless, lived in gang infested neighborhoods, in jail cells and I have also lived in million dollar neighborhoods. I have broken bread with millionaires, business owners, killers,  gang members and police.

It is called, non-biased people skills. Treat others with respect and you will be respected back. This an important skill to have if there is an economic collapse.

I lived out of necessity, as most all humans would do if faced with similar circumstances. We are highly adaptable creatures who can live in most any harsh situation without dying our killing ourselves. Being prepared for living in difficult situations will help you survive just about anything.

This technique of being able to be smart, strong, fit, blend in, get a long and survive in different economic situations will be a great tool for you to live through the coming Depression. Others who have lived in well to do neighborhoods and never lived without will definitely suffer the most . These people will be preyed on by the lower classes as they lose it all and have no street nor simple survival skills to keep themselves alive.

Learning how to survive the coming Great Depression will be crucial in providing for you and your family. Simple social and survival techniques such as blending in, self defense and growing your own garden will now become Main Stream as more and more people fight for survival in this new dark age for America.

So, what can you do to stay laced and ahead of the anti-survival clowns?

Well, through logical thought we came up with 25 different things you need to not lose your footing out there, especially when it comes time to throw down and take it to the streets. If after all things never do get as bad as we predict, at least if your implement the 25 things below you’ll now be a certfied bad ass instead of weak and meek human being.

Food garden

1. A garden –Having your own food is one of the best things you can do to prepare for any economic depression. Yet, most Americans couldn’t even grow weeds if they tried. You better get that thumb turning a little green and learn some basic gardening skills so you don’t starve to death if your run out of money or the stores have no food.

Hand Gun for Home Self Defense2. A gun license – Owning a gun without the possibility of landing yourself in prison for it will provide you with the peace of mind you need to think clearly and keep your cool. It also forces people to reveal to you their true motivations, especially when speaking to you on a person to person basis. Nobody wants to buy the farm just for a little bit of tom-foolery, and this key truth has kept the 48 gun toting’ blue states safe for years.

Not a lot of crime happens when you can force people to stay on task, roost deceptive evil doers from their intellectual hiding spots, and know what it’s like to truly feel alive and well. That way, when you come across somebody with an ulterior motive, you will be alerted to their presence and be fully prepared to use any means necessary to defend your life.

3. Legal Herbs and plants that can bring you to the point of being pain free no matter what happens. Can anyone say medical marijuana?

handshake over signed cotract 24. Establish friendly relationships with the police –Most cops are cool people who got into their line of work to make a difference. Just because they carry a gun and badge, does not mean they are not to be trusted. If the SHTF, knowing a few police officers or sheriffs in town who know you are a good person will go along way in the event of an economic collapse. Martial Law and other law enforcement activities may come full force to your city and if you are an unfamiliar face, you will be placed under a micro scope every time you leave your home.

Guard Dog5. Use guard dogs – As far as tooth and nail survival goes, these are one of your most valuable assets. Whether it be an immediate bargaining chip for time so you can pull the gun out or all out rip your flesh apart warfare, whatever the case…

6. Set relationship ground rules– Exercise your rights and set personal ground rules for relationships. Let everyone know how you feel and where you stand. If they are no in line with your life, get them the hell out of it and move on to more positive relationships.

7. Eat organic cayenne pepper powder – Conditioning your gut to handle this powerful healing medicine will keep your stomach strong, crucial for both physical and mental well being. Please do so at your own risk because this tip was given to me by an Indian friend of mine who knows healing.

8. Establish out of country relationships – If the SHTF, you may want to take a one way ticket out of the US. A double edged sword, these relationships can provide a feeling of complete comfort and peace of mind no matter what is happening around you. You’ll know that America is not the only place to live and survive with your family.

9. Keep people around you who are physically healthy – Sick people, over weight, and just plain lazy people will seriously hamper any efforts you do undertake to survive. Of course, you cant leave family members to suffer and die alone, but don’t be Mr. Nice Guy to every lazy or sick Tom, Dick and Mary you meet. These same lazy and sick people will suck all your reserve food supplies and then kill you for the last cracker you’ve got. Only care for those Fitness girlthat you love or blood line relatives. In the same breathe, do not be a selfish little tyrant because that too will get you killed.

10. Keep yourself physically fit –America has more over weight and lazy people than anywhere in the world. I too was once an over weight young man who spent more time ordering pizza and drinking beer than I did learning about life and taking care of my health. The fitter I got, the more confident and bad ass (or so I think) I became. From walking miles to get food or water, to defending your life and home from some thugs, to fighting sickness, being fit will help survive the roughest of times.

11. Set a perimeter on your property that you can defend – Just as an army protects the fort or you did when you were a kid playing capture the flag. Securing a 100% defendable area around your dwelling is crucial to fending off possible home invaders and or robbers. 360 degree video cameras, guard dogs and motion lights should take care of securing your property.

survive the great depression12. Stay out of unhealthy physical relationships – Are you in a dead end relation ship where all you do is fight? It may be time to get out of that volatile situation because this person will make you physically unhealthy from stress and this person may be the one who snuffs your life out when the SHTF.

13. Keep your car in perfect working condition – Your going to need to drive in case you have to relocate. Also, if the streets are teaming with gun toting thugs looking for victims, a broken down car with a woman looking under her hood will be preyed on like a baby Gazelle in the African plains. 

14. Eat a well-balanced diet – This will be very difficult in a worse case scenario. Things like having vitamins, a garden, fruit trees and maybe some live stock on your premises will help keep your diet more rounded in the event you are eating a lot of high shelf life, sodium filled meals.

15. Keep a well-stocked supply of food, water and clothing –Everyone should have at least a 3-6 month supply of food and at the very least a one month supply. If you run out of money, the grocery stores close down or there is a bank holiday, you and your family will now have some food to weather a worse case hunger scenario.

gold prices rising16. Save a lot of money to use in case of emergencies – Cash is Queen and supplies are King in the event of an emergency. None the less, you will need some US dollars, silver and maybe small denomination gold pieces that you can use to buy things as needed. Don’t keep this money under your mattress, on your property or in a safe. You’ll get robbed. Hide this off your property in a secure non-bank location. Underground weather proof containers work perfect.

17. Have a completely legal and drug-free lifestyle –Be prepared for military and police crack down like you have never seen if the SHTF and the Depression spirals out of control. Being on the right side of the law will help keep your butt out of jail, prison or FEMA camps.

18. Stay positive – When things get bad, having a healthy and positive attitude will help you weather the Depression. Live for your own feelings only on the physical level and everything having to do with that will fall into place the best it can. Do good things and good things will come back to you.

self help19. Keep lists – Write down items you purchase on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, complete with prices

20. Practice fire escape plans and other possible disaster scenarios – Make sure you have routine drills with your family and be prepared. If you are not, then your whole family will panic and you may all die.

21. Be prepared for anything that could happen – Well, almost anything. This goes along with everything we have mentioned in this list and everything we haven’t. Can you think of more?

Slef Defense22. Keep a cache of weapons– Self defense weapons such as knives, guns and pepper spray are highly advisable by survival experts. But only for protection and in accordance with the law as well as ammunition, gasoline and heating fuel. The Fed’s and state police will come bust your ass fast if your suspected of carrying illegal weapons in the event the SHTF. These illegal gun toting Americans will be the first people rounded up via military style raids in order to maintain order.

23. Have a gas powered generator ready – A generator that runs off of propane or diesel fuel will work perfect in the event that there is an electric outage.

24. Research and purchase mytragyna speciosa– You’ve never heard of mytragyna speciosa and probably cant even say it. Why don’t you Google it and get educated?

25. Spend time with or study some authentic American Indians if you can – I have learned so much from my Pechanga Indian friends about the insights to living a life off the land that I could write a book on what I have been taught. From growing your own food, herbs for healing, throwing knives and to mastering your own environment . These men and women are some of the greatest and most patient life and survival teachers in the world.

There you have it. A great starting list of 25 things on how you can survive the coming Great Depression. Again, if the Depression never comes, at last you’ll now be a certified bad ass or at least think that you are.

Moe Bedard
My name is Maurice "Moe" Bedard. I am the founder of America's #1 Mortgage Forum, My online work has been featured in the New York Times, LA Times, Fox Business, and many other media publications.