Are you one of many individuals that often loses there wallet, and with this many important items such as your drivers license? If so, then letting the credit bureaus know that you have misplaced your license is extremely crucial. Having your drivers license fall into the wrong hands could make you the victim of identity theft, and that is not something that you want to be! By having your identity stolen that person can pretend they are you and possibly steal money from your account, or get loans under your name.

To report your lost drivers license to the credit bureaus, follow these easy steps. First, call the toll free numbers for all three major credit reporting bureaus including Equifax, Experian, and Transunion, and inform them of the situation you are in. It would be wise of you to send a letter as well to all the bureaus. Request that they place a freeze on your credit report, as this will keep a thief from trying to open an account with your stolen card. Also you are more than likely going to have to file a police report to prove that your license has been stolen and you are not playing games.

Once you have made contact with the credit bureaus it is time to get a new drivers license. After you receive a new copy of your license contact them again with a copy of the police report and your new drivers license number so that they can change it on your account. Make it a point to get your information up to date with each credit bureau, and remember that you may need to get in touch with them several times before you actually get results. Persistence is the key when dealing with credit bureaus.

Moe Bedard
My name is Maurice "Moe" Bedard. I am the founder of America's #1 Mortgage Forum, My online work has been featured in the New York Times, LA Times, Fox Business, and many other media publications.