When you go to get a FHA loan for a home, condo or rental home, you might need a VOR. VOR stands for “Verification of Rent.” Many underwriters will require this when you are attempting to obtain financing, but not every borrower will be required to furnish one.

Please keep in mind that your most recent  two years of credit history will get the most scrutiny by an underwriter.

So a VOR will basically represent proof of past rent or mortgage payments. They will want either 12 months of mortgage history or 12 months of paying rent on time if they ask for this. You can prove this with 12 months worth of canceled checks, VOR from a private landlord or professional property management firm.

A verification of rent is required if it is used as a qualifying trade line for the FHA mortgage.

There are other qualifications you will need to meet to qualify also.

If you are on a tight income, FHA may be the answer for you. You just have to show that you pay your bills on time first.  The Federal Housing Administration helps people get houses that are clean and affordable. It was started in 1934 for this very reason. The goal was to change the shape of the housing market.

Moe Bedard
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