HOPE NOW released its November 2015 mortgage data report, showing that approximately 26,000 loan modifications were loan street and modification waycompleted by mortgage servicers in November vs. 30,000 in October – a decrease of approximately 16%.

About 99,000 loan workouts, such as short sales and deeds in lieu of foreclosures were completed, compared to an estimated 24,500 foreclosure sales.

Here are some key statistics from the report:

* Short sales – Approximately 5,600 in November vs. 6,800 completed in October – a decrease of 14%.

* Deed in-lieu: Approximately 1,400 completed in November vs. 1,500 completed in October – decrease of 10%.

* Foreclosure starts – Approximately 47,000 in November vs. 57,000 in October – a decrease of 17%.

* Foreclosure sales – Approximately 24,000 in November vs. 29,000 in October – a decrease of 14%.

* Serious delinquencies – Approximately 1.65 million in November vs. 1.66 million in October – unchanged.

Read more details on this HOPE NOW report at this link.

Erik Sandstrom
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