Home prices have reached an all-time high in April, rising 1.2% since March and are up 6% year over year, according to the latest report from Black Knight Financial Services. Prices have risen across the nation by 3.6% just in 2017 alone.

Black Knight said that all of the nation’s 20 largest states and 40 largest metros saw home prices increase in April, while home prices in nine of the nation’s 20 largest states and 18 of the 40 largest metros hit new peaks in April.

Home prices went up by 2% or more in each of the top 10 best-performing metros. Tuscaloosa, Ala., was the only metro area to see a decline, with prices falling another 5.1% in its fifth consecutive month as the country’s worst-performing metropolitan area.

According to Black Knight, the state of Washington is outperforming all the other states in monthly appreciation for the third consecutive month with five of the nation’s top 10 best-performing metros located within the state

The Seattle metro area saw an 8.4% increase in home prices since the start of the year. Seattle and Bellingham, Wash. – along with Carson City – led all metropolitan areas with 2.3 percent monthly appreciation; Washington state accounted for five of the nation’s top 10 best-performing metros.

Here are the numbers in graphics from Balck Knight.


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