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Who is your lender or servicer

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I am not sure if this will help you, I hope it will, but this is Saxon's Corporate Headquarters and where the CEO is located. See if you can either ask for his office or somehow get to the directory.

Anthony T. Meola
4708 Mercantile Drive North
Fort Worth, Texas 76137-3605
Phone: 1-800-594-8422
Fax: 1-817-665-7400

Also try this contact, this dept. is supposed to be handling HAMP modification complaints for Saxon before filing a complaint with the BBB.

Customer Solutions and Innovation Team
[email protected]
Well don't thank me yet, I do hope that you are able to get to the CEO office and that they are able to help. Please post back how it goes.


LoanSafe Member
email and phone are out?

PHONE NUMBER NO LONGER GOOD....................please if you have any other suggestions? I call and they keep dropping the call, i asked for exec offices and it just rang and rang........... is saxon owned by morgan stanley? can i call there?:noworry:
Here is a more current contact to get you into that office, sorry the number didn't work:

Assistant to the President
Ph 1-817.665.7323
Also this dept. is a valid dept.

Customer Solutions and Innovation Team
[email protected]
Here is another:

Renee Tello
Senior Manager, Property Preservation
[email protected]


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Thank you so much. just want to advise. I am working now with loan mod company mentioned here. last night i did on line complaints with OCC and atty general office. and to my surprise at 12pm today the trustee told me that my sale had been extended 30days. (yesterday saxon told me i had one ext, NO MORE EXT) ..........so, i am very grateful, for all the information provided on this site and hope this helps anyone else. I will keep posted my situation.
Well hopefully that will give you the time needed to sort everything out.
Good Luck!! Please keep us posted on how it goes.


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update.......SAXON, working with great loan mod company off this site, such a relief. this company SAXON is really ruthless, B-TARDS... last week after I asked for more time to come up with $20k, for my loan mod. (they have 30k holding of mine for almost 2yrs)... well last week they cancelled my loan mod when i could not come up with the money fast enough, then today, after i had aleady printed that my sale was extended 30days, a zack from customer solutions..dept.........ha thats funny, well he tells me they can reactivate my loan mod by friday if i give them the $20k, (wow, same treatment as bank of america) and zack tells me they will otherwise sell my home in a week , i replyy what about the 30 days, i was extended, "oh, we dont have to wait for that" now if i did not know better, this guy would have really freaked me out, but it just goes to show how they , especially bank of america and saxon STRONG ARM BORROWERS.......they both deserve to be NUKED. and indy mac /one west takes third place. horrible horrible THUGS (read my bank of america xmas eve story if you want a real thug story..."wire us $10k today,xmas eve and you can have your keys back to your house"")


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Hi All

My investor is US Bank National with the asset back thru trust OOMC- HE5
My servicer is AHMSI.

I would suggest that everyone go to your county court house and get a copy of your recorded record.

Hope this helps.

Best regards
NJ- 11 Months