What are the income requirements to get a VA home loan in San Diego County?


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I am looking into getting a Veterans Affairs home loan in San Diego and I am having some trouble finding the exact requirements for this. I am looking to move to the area at the end of summer so I have to get a loan sorted out now so I have time to look at homes. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


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I believe that the state and banks should help veterans well. My friend was in a situation when he was denied a loan due to low wages. He had his own small business, he made furniture in his old house, and this money was not enough. I tried to help him as much as I could, but he needed a nice new house and a lot of space for production. It's good that I came across these guys paydayinusa.com on the Internet. Thanks to them, we were able to rent a room for furniture production and he was able to take more orders. After half a year, the income has already doubled and were able to take out a home loan. I think it's very important to help your friends. So if you have something that did not work out, then contact your friends, family, they will always help.