Wells Fargo Mortgage Wf-mbs With Hsbc As Investor


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Hello all,

I'm glad to be back here. I was able to settle my second in 2012 with the help of Loansafe! I did post my success story as well.

I'm trying to do a Loan Modification on the Mortgage now. I've played the phone games in the past so I know what to expect.

Living in MD I know it's a recourse state and I'm sure it's in the MBS Documents.

2006- Mortgage : 153000$ 6.75% It's in a WFMBS 2006-9 pool Investor: MERS Search HSBC NA as Trustee

Apparently I didn't qualify for the 25 Billion $ settlement of 2012 to refinance my loan since Wells did not own the loan. When I called last week, they said they owned the loan. ahaha
Everytime I call I get a different answer on who owns the loan(investor). I seem to know more than anyone at Wells on this front.

I'm looking to get a better Interest Rate. I have told them that I'm moving out of the country etc, where the exchange rate is weaker. At this point I have the Collections Dept Phone#. They can't tell me all the details on the investor . They tell me that the Laon Preservation department has more info. I may have to talk to them. I'm not going to divulge any information though...

Any thoughts? The comps in the area are about 133k$. Coming back from an all time low of 100k in 2011.
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Hello and welcome back!

As you know, attempting a loan modification is like playing a poker game or going down to the swap meet to haggle on some goods. Each side wants to win and each side will tell white lies and or do what they can to win. This will go back and forth until one side gives up or decides to make a deal. It is no different with these mortgage servicers.

My thoughts are to just keep doing what you have been doing and be patient. The investor really does not matter. They are either going to help you or not. My guess is that they will if you just play the game and go through the process of dealing with the BS.

The average time to get a loan mod is about 6 months to a year.


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Hi Moe,

I've been delving into CTSLINK which is where Wells Fargo keeps all their MBS information and much more. I looked at the MBS Pooling Agreement and found some interesting information. There is a Refinance Section, as follows: Any thoughts?

Page 60 Refinancing :
"At the request of the mortgagor, a Servicer, including the Sponsor, may allow the refinancing of a Mortgage Loan in any Trust Estate serviced by such Servicer by accepting prepayments thereon and permitting a new loan secured by a Mortgage on the same property. Upon such refinancing, the new loan will not be included in the Trust Estate. A mortgagor may be legally entitled to require the Servicer to allow such a refinancing. Any such refinancing will have the same effect as a prepayment in full of the related Mortgage Loan. In this regard a Servicer may, from time to time, implement programs designed to encourage refinancing through such Servicer, including but not limited to general or targeted solicitations, or the offering of pre-approved applications, reduced or nominal origination fees or closing costs, or other financial incentives. A Servicer may also modify the payment terms of a defaulted Mortgage Loan or encourage selling a Mortgaged Property securing a defaulted Mortgage Loan for less than the unpaid principal balance of such Mortgage Loan. The Sponsor has a retention program applicable to its servicing portfolio. Provided the borrower is current in his or her mortgage payment obligations, the Sponsor may agree to refinance the mortgage loan in order to reduce the borrower’s mortgage interest rate, through the extension of a replacement loan or the execution of a modification agreement, without the application of any significant new borrower credit or property underwriting standards"