Wells Fargo Changing Customers' Information without their knowledge?


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I saw an article this morning that WF has been changing customers' information without notification to them. No explanation as to why. Do they think customers are not going to notice this? Why are they still in business?

Michael Naz

Michael Naz
Too big to fail or jail and too big to break up, too big because they are part of the reason the government functions.

Without Wells Fargo or any of the top 6 banks, you may as well shut down the government and the governments of the world that rely on them as they all hold and make debt to sell to investors.

They all trade and lend to each other and make and break global markets.

Be a member of a credit union or a cooperative (non profit financial services) or better yet, start your own credit union or lending cooperative.

Jeffrey L. Shurtliff

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Wells Fargo's transgressions are so many that the security of the country is threatened. When people no longer trust the financial system and have no place to live, there will be a revolution.