Warrant in Debt?

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LoanSafe Member
Nov 17, 2011

I just noticed on our local Court website that I have a Warrant in Debt for a credit card that I stopped paying on almost 3 years ago. Looks like 2 months ago they attempted to serve but were unable to find me so a new date later in the month is listed. As of today I have received no correspondence from anyone on this particular credit card. Just looking for some advice on how I should handle this. If I had not inadvertently looked I would never have known about this. Thanks for the help with this


LoanSafe Member
Jun 20, 2017
Not too many people just inadvertently look at the local court website, so you probably thought this was out there anyway? If you stop paying on a debt, eventually it will catch up with you.

You are being sued for the balance. What happens next depends on the state, but in most states all they have to prove is attempted delivery a debt letter to your last known address. This allows the creditor to go to court and have the warrant in debt filed in local court.

If you dont show up, a judgement will be granted. If you show up, you must tell the judge why you dont owe the debt.

However, if a judgement is granted, it must be legally served to you. That usually means the sheriffs office must deliver it to you.

So the big question is "Do you owe the debt?"

If you owe the debt, find out if it was sold to debt collector. After 3 years, it probably was sold. Try to negotiate a settlement if you can. If you dont owe the debt, have paperwork that shows why.