URGENT: Final Hours Before FC Sale by WF

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Mar 5, 2018
FC sale scheduled for this Tuesday the 27th. Have escalated to WF's VP Mary Coffin's office. Have been trying for either a loan mod or a short sale repurchase - my state law supports the repurchases and WF has been allowing them recently. They've already said no on even accepting a loan mod app even though circumstances have changed. We are currently trying for a short sale repurchase. They've indicated that also is not going to work and they will continue with foreclosure.

They seem dead set on not stopping the foreclosure. They have hinted to file BK to buy time. Trying to avoid bk if we can. It doesn't seem right for them to force a consumer to take such a hit on their credit.

We've made many many attempts at a loan mod. Have even caught WF in manipulating their reported escrow and loan payment in their denial letter to skew the DTI ratio so we don't qualify under HAMP. HUD making home affordable intervened and WF admitted to their mistake. They still continued to deny the applications though.

Have laid out all their wrongdoings in a letter to them. It's a World Savings pick-a-pay loan. They recently reported in their account statement a $70k jump in their unpaid interest. Submitting a complaint to CFPB today. Having our state Division of Banks / Attorney General call them today also. They offer this as a service - they call lender and highly encourage that they offer a 30-day reprieve on the FC date. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Submitting a Notice of Error under RESPA identifying, among other issues, discrepancies in the balances due reported in their account statements. We are in a non-judicial FC state which has strict requirements for all notices and reported balances to be accurate. Due to the discrepancies, demanding a full accounting so we can verify their reported account balances due in their notices leading up to FC sale. They risk invalid foreclosure if they are off in their balances by even a little. They must clear up the discrepancy before they foreclose, but they will likely move ahead anyway.

Does anyone have any ideas on other steps to take? Should I escalate further to Stumpf's office or Heid's?

Erik Sandstrom

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Jan 14, 2011
San Diego, California
Hey RoyalFlush,
I personally don't specialize in these matters but I was curious has anything happened since the time you originally posted?