Treated Bady- Possibly Illegal

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dolores gallegos

LoanSafe Member
Jun 7, 2017
about 3 or 4 years ago, I had to do a modification on my loan for wells fargo. at the end of the modification, they did an 80 20 loan, which I had no idea of or what it would consist of. Now I have a second mortgage with PNC bank that has been 30,000 for the 30 years of the loan. I have been trying to get the 2 merged for years. and today, call PNC to at least try to get the 8.75% rate down. They said that in 2022 a balloon payment of 24,182 will be needed to be paid in full - I had one attorney say that if they could look at my paperwork and I hired them... for money I obviously did not have.. they could clear the whole loan!!! Now, here I am trying to get everything right.. what do I need to do??? do I need to walk away from the house??

Moe Bedard

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Staff member
Loan Safe Mortgage
Aug 10, 2007
Southern California
Hi Dolores,

I would not bother with any attorneys. They cannot do anything for you.

The problem is that you signed the paperwork stating that you read it and understood it. It is hard to go back and say that you signed it without reading or understanding since your signature is testament to the fact that you agreed to the terms in writing.

Also, the loan does not adjust for 5 years. I would not worry too much about it right now. Maybe in a few years you can refinance and roll both loans into one.