The Time Has Come to Unite as One & Monitor Mortgage Servicers

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Southern california reporting for duty!

But seriously perhaps we need to start with a mass email campaign to the people who are responsible for keeping these banks in line in the first place. The ones who started this whole hope for homeowners stuff and bailed out the banks in the first place. The ones who need to know that that money never trickled down the actual home owners.

I don't know how many members are on this forum, but I can only imagine If we pick the top mucky muck, pick one news agency etc... and all of us email them with our stories, timelines and lack of success with a similar subject line that references I know if it were me & I recieved hundreds and hundreds of emails from a particular group it would get me thinking.

Just my 2 cents....which in this current economy isnt even worth that!

I agree with there is power in numbers. If a post were to include "today's task is to call/email/fax a certain representative," I'll bet the people here would follow the directive.

Liz Medrano

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Each of us should write our story get it to one central location and have it submitted to anyone that we think will listen.

White house
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
News Media...etc.

I have written to these people, but I am only one voice...they need to hear many many...thousands for it to make a difference.


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I'm IN.........Remember I worked for them...I'll call I'll mail...I'll organize!! Whatever...I'm in...I've been in this FIGHT for almost 2 years now WITHOUT a concrete answer yet!!!! I think this idea is the BEST!!! POWER in the numbers!!!!!


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I need some guidance! Denied

I just phoned Wilshire for an update and found out we were denied for the Home Affordable Loan Mod. We have TOO MUCH income :confused:. I now have to re-fax and re-calculate yet again but I'd like some help before I do. They said our mortgage should be 31-38% of our gross income...
Is our gross income the gross amount on our checks, which includes changing OT amounts? Or just calculate the hourly?
When I calculate the 31-38% do I use the current mortgage amount?
I have done this so many times with no success I feel that I must be doing it all wrong and I've got to be getting to the end of my "chances" to get it right!
Any thoughts?


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Hi Everyone,

I don't know what I could do to help out but count me in, what about getting existing labor/auto/goverment unions to throw thier support behind us, I am sure alot of building and trade union members are having hard times now too, I was a self employed painting contractor for 20 years and had to rejoin the Laborers union since my business tanked.


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Awesome. We need A LOT more people to get this going and to have any type of group effort.

The problem I always have is there will be a great group of say 50 members that will pitch in and fight, but many of the other members will not. Then there another 500,000 guests that visit LoanSafe every month and never say a peep.

The banks are organized. The government is organized. Damn Acorn is organized.

The consumer goes to work, pay his or her bills, taxes and walks alone. We are conditioned to be apathetic and to not fight back against those who control the strings that guide your lives and destinies. AND WE PAY their salaries and drive 77% of the economy. Yet we have no voice.

When are people going to stand up?

Hell, we all forgot about the trillion dollar bail out to the banks and that was supposed to be based on saving homeowners. YOU ALL WERE LIED TO, yet we sit here every day doing the same ole thing. Taking the abuse like this is just the way it is.

I can't do this alone or with what we have here. We need numbers to be a force.

Kind of like a homeowner tea party group.
And we're lied to DAILY!!!! and to Caldwell...IF theyre lurking...(which they are) Let'em...they need to know we're DONE!!!!


I was very depressed last night and haven't even sent in my documents to Green Tree yet. Now I am fired up!! We have to believe that if we all work TOGETHER we can make it HAPPEN!!!


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Lets start emailing our NEWS agencies!!

Yesterday I wrote to:

Huffington Post
La Times
Wall Street Journal

They need to hear first hand from US, the middle class!! Please lets start emailing all sources of the media.

That is my opinion!


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I like the idea of a new target each day - i.e. today all of us send e-mails to the Huffington Post or fax to our congressperson or dare I say it? Obama - or Geithner - or somebody else who doesn't notice one letter but might if they got a swarm of e-mails or faxes......

Moe Bedard

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Moe, it's because we have been beaten up so bad. We don't trust anyone anymore. Those of us who are here right now trust you, and we know what you're capable of doing. But, many of the visitors don't. We're going to gain their trust, and we'll have a homeowners tea party real soon. Don't give up on us. Give us a chance. I'm committed to this thing.
Believe, thanks so much and I'll do my best to keep this going.

Yes, we live in a VERY untrusting society and this is based on the reality that many people got scammed, know someone or are just leery of anything. This is very understandable.

My idea was to get you all to be the voice and I am just the organizer behind the scenes. The webmaster and idea man who made it happen for you all to take to the next level.

Me again from CA (and with ever-lovin Chase/WaMu). When you said "tea party," I thought - what ABOUT those guests who read this and don't log in? Many are probably just like us, but you can imagine there are lurkers out there whom we might not want to be perusing our info once organized. I don't know if there is a way to make it a closed thread/site or not, but just a thought. On the other hand, if we are open about uniting, maybe the effect would be to force them to do what they are supposed to do and modify our @@ loans!
Hey Cadlwellb02 from Cali ;) !!!

I am sure many people do not sign up here because they may be leery of this site. I try to do my best and be as transparent as possible. But more is needed.

What I want to do is keep all your data private and on a secure server separate from public viewing. All members will be screened to make sure they are all legit homeowners etc. You will not be able to see anyone else's data unless you are a general and that homeowner invites you to see their data.

I have a software system (separate from the forum) that I developed that can mange, track and report on loan modifications. My idea is Union members would agree to use it to participate in the study and in using the data for homeowner activism. From this private data center, we will have a Union members only forum where anyone can read, but only union members may post and participate. In that data center that is private is real info, here in the forum, you can all remain anonymous.

Maybe if visitors see (like you mentioned) real organizing and activism then they will want to join.


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I am definately in I made a promise to God that if i ever got this situation resolved(which I haven't) that i would try my best to help other people because this is so sad just watching them let the old, sick, innocent, and hard working people suffer like this. You know some of us will get mods but we will never get this time back in our lives that there taking. I will help the best that I can. I am in New Jersey.Thank you Moe


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I like the idea of targeting a particular person each day with email complaints. It is a task that can be done by all of us, even ones with busy schedules.


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Just wanted to let everyone know that I got a call back from Freddie Mac. I don't know which email prompted it for sure, but I think it was [email protected]. The first reply was asking me if my loan was backed by Freddie Mac, I wrote back that I wanted to lodge a formal complaint against BofA for non-compliance with the MHA guidelines (and that my loan was with Fannie Mae). Once I clarified this with the person who called me, she put me on hold. She said she is forwarding my complaint to the compliance I guess one does exist (FYI - Freddie Mac is the compliance auditor for the entire Making Home Affordable Program). I also emailed Jerry Weiss, Sr VP for compliance. I do believe if everyone with a complaint that their servicer is not abiding by the guidelines for MHA were to email or call on a mass scale, they will hear our cries.

These are the email addresses I have sent to at Freddie Mac:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

I was also told to call these numbers to complain:
1-800-732-6643 (for Fannie Mae)

If you are trying to get into the MHA program and feel that the standard waterfall has not been applied, the NPV test was not run, you are in the trial and have made two payments but not gotten any documents for a permanent modification, have been told to fall behind in payments, been asked to pay fees or any other violation of the guidelines...PLEASE complain to Freddie Mac! The more the better!


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Count me in! It's not lost on me that I've been able to actively pursue this only because I don't work full time, and have taken the time to arm myself with as much knowledge as possible. I can't imagine what a struggle it would be for someone who works the traditional 8 to 5 and isn't able to stay on top of things. Not to mention the folks that are just losing their homes because they aren't aware of the help that is available to them.
I say we collectively stick it to the man:D. It's someone else's turn.


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I am in. CitiMortgage has kept me spinning since the end of November last year. I work two jobs but will do what I can to assist this cause.
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