Short Sales With Credit Union

Anyone short sale thru space coast credit union or any credit union that refused to waive deficiency? If so did you have to foreclose?
It has been 2 years and the credit union is refusing to waive my deficiency even after finding 2 buyers, and between them and PMI company were wanting me to pay them $28,000 cash and almost $100,000 to be sent to collections. I am a single mother with no child support and they could care less. My lawyer trying to negotiate. Any advice appreciated.

Moe Bedard

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I'm not sure if any of the members here have a mortgage through space coast credit union, but I know there have been many members who've had their home loan with a credit union. In regards to them refusing to waive the deficiency, this is common with all mortgage servicers who normally never waive their deficiency rights.

A short sale is really not a whole lot different than a foreclosure other than it is usually better for your credit and also your ability to obtain future credit such as a mortgage. That is the main benefit of going this route.

Your best bet is to forget about them waiving the deficiency and see if it is worth it to either short sale, or just let it go to foreclosure. A lawyer is only going to suck up your money and will make little difference in the outcome. The credit union is going to do what is best for them in regards to profit and under the law.
I really appreciate the advice . I am just worried about foreclosure but I guess that would be best option for me since I its not like I have any money to give them to pay the credit union back. I already have another home so I do not need a mortgage. Do you happen to know how long it takes to get credit score back up?