Second Lien Modification Program - Supplemental Directive 09-01


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Oh, and I pulled my credit reports and they have not charged off the loan (after being late for 15 months). Weird.


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I contacted DeSoer's office again and this time her 'advocate' called me back. Although I insisted I wanted to speak with her, she told me that she ‘doesn’t take calls’. I reiterated my offer of 10% on the 2<SUP>nd</SUP> which is totally underwater. She said that they only accept 85% . I quoted from DeSoer’s own words in which she claimed that it made sense to forebear principal on the 2nds, and she was very evasive. She said her mod dept. would not accept it, and I said that if the pres of the bank authorized it, then her lackeys must follow her edict. I also said that I would take it to the press because she obviously lies. Now I am wondering if there are others out there who would like to join in and make a ruckus about DeSoer’s dishonesty?


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Anyone have any ideas why the program didn't make provisions so the first lien holder could issue a loan paying off both the first and second to create one new loan?