QWR what I shouldn't put in it?

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Oct 9, 2012
Do I want to put in my QWR all the fraud I have detected or do I just put in the ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN INCOMPETENT loan history or lack there of
well framkly if I omit the fraud then that really leaves me with the $$$$$ payments I made that were either never posted or posted then reversed
like the "INTENT $$$$" ( money they said showed I wanted to stay in my home...) not applied for months then applied then reversed then split up into payments then payments reversed then $11.***.00 added to principle after loan mod stated $$delinquent would be added to the loan I assumed that meant to the new loan not added to my principle then the loan modified??
2nd question -- Do I sue for fraud ? or
Do I file bankruptsy then when they want payment then I ask for docs to prove I owe them or
Do I let them forclose and evict me then I file whatever it is wrongful........
I cannot afford the tender rule nor do I want a modification I want my title free and clear anybody out there know the best way? they all will take $$$$$$ so am in so.cal. where I hear that although I thought that NO CLEAR NOTE can come from FRAUD, and forgery is a felony, forgery by notary is a felony but I guess since I am in default doesnt matter my husband broke his back in hosp for 6 months unemployed after working all his life 30 years the LAW I thought is what the JUDGES decided not that I am a loser that defaulted WTH!

Evan Bedard

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Aug 26, 2007
San Diego, California
Welcome and thanks for joining the forum.

I'm sorry but I'm a little confused here. For any loan modification they are going to add the past due amount (along with any late/attorney fees) to your principle once the modification is finalized. If you were 90 days or more behind on payments and continued to send in checks, these funds will be held in a suspense account and not applied to anything until the modification was completed.


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Mar 31, 2010
Unfortunately, your chances of getting the home free and clear are virtually non existent. If the home was recently purchased (past couple of years) there is a chance you could back OUT of the loan with no penalties if you could prove that the good faith estimate they provided you was significantly inaccurate.

As Evan said, any amount that you were in arrears is added to the principal of the loan... I had trouble with this, too, until I looked at it another way... By adding the delinquent amount to the principal, they are actually loaning you the money to get current on your mortgage.

What was your original mortage and what was the modification they offered?