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Apr 21, 2008
I was laid off from my job in October 2014. It took me until June 2015 to find another job. Thankfully I have been employed, however; while on unemployment I went into a forebearance agreement with ASC(Wells Fargo) from February through July. I submitted loan modification documents in July to my home preservation specialist. I called regularly and was told that it took about 30 days to come out of the loan forebearance. I called this month to ask about the status of my loan modification process and finally was told by my home preservation specialist that she "thought" she had generated the modification review and was not clear what happened. It was only after asking for a supervisor that I got a response from her.

Now I am moving into October and not quite sure how to deal with all of this. What should I be asking? How can I be certain that this home preservation specialist is actually doing anything correctly? How should I stay on top of what is happening with my request? I left a message for her supervisor and have not heard back from him as of yet. Also, how does it work when coming out of a forebearance agreement and moving into requesting a loan modification? What do mortgage servers tends to do with a situation like mine with back due monies owed since I was in a loan forebearance agreement and now am requesting a loan modification? Also, the home preservation specialist conveyed that they put me in a foreclosure protection plan while working on the loan modification options. Does this make sense? Sorry for the disorganized thoughts. I am trying to organize my thoughts so I can achieve a loan modification that is manageable factoring in past due monies.

Anyone who can make sense of my rambling and offer some direction would be great!!!


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Sep 29, 2010
I believe you need to write a Request for Information letter to them documenting your loss mitigation request.. something like


Mortgage Servicer name

Address to send Request for Information locate don your mortgage statements

Loan #

I submitted to you a loss mitigation request on date. As of today I have not received any written acknowledgment of you receiving my request nor have I received any request from you for any additional paperwork. I am believing at this time I did submit a completed application.

I have spoken to name here and she really can not give me any information on the status of my request.

Please investigate my loss mitigation status since I want to keep my home. This is an urgent request as time is of the essence. At this time I just do not know what to do.

Please provide to me any documents, emails, notes, everything used to investigate my request.

You can call me @ - email me @ - or mail to me @.

sign your name

They have 30 days to respond