Problem with fha-hamp

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Sep 11, 2012
I've posted here when I was getting the run around with BOA in 2013. I had a permanent modification set on March 1st 2013 with terms of 30 years. 4%, 30 years partial claim of 23000, New principal 195000.

February 2015 receive that I'm 3 months behind on mortgage along with a a new FHA trail paperwork packet (wasn't behind paid and verified have proof, credit reports and bank statements) Spoke to customer service at Boa and they said that it was just a computer glitch. However, my original terms of my modification in 2013 were incorrect. That I must sign and notarize the new FHA docs of loan modification or I will be reverted back to my original loan terms. (says in fha hamp paperwork that I must work with bank to correct and mistakes or be reverted) New terms are same payment, same 30 years, but new balance 175000 @ 4.125 with partial claim of 43,000 ***everything is dated 2013***. Sign notarize and get a letter on Feb 20 , 2015 saying congrats FHA mod is final. BoA sells my loan of to Carrington in fall on 2015. Carrington shows nothing in their paperwork/online that I have a loan mod. (saved all paperwork including copies of anything I sent in and fedex envelopes)

Fast forward to now, wondering where my pay perfmonance paperwork is as I am completing 5 years of on time payments. Am considering doing the recast after the 6th year of performance pay. I decide to do a title search. Both partial payments are liened against my home. 23000 and 43000. The 23,000 wasn't discharged.

So I obviously am going to have a difficult time sorting through this. Who/where do I start with fixing this? Things Im looking for is getting the one partial claim discharged and getting the pay for performance reflected on my principal.

Thanks in advance.