Primary mortgage foreclosure timeline in Florida


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Aug 22, 2011
Tampa Bay, FL
Primary Mortgage Lender: JP Morgan Chase
State of residence : Tampa Florida
Mortgage due date: 1st of the month with 15 day grace

Hi all, haven't posted on here in some time but, it has always stayed with me how helpful and knowledgeable everyone on this forum was/is.

My question relates to JP Morgan Chase timeline for foreclosure on a primary mortgage. We are currently 3 months (Sept, Oct and now Nov 2019) behind and by now I thought we would have received a notice of intent to foreclose letter. The last correspondence we've received was on 10/14/2019 for a pre-approved payment plan (totally unfeasible as it added $800.00 to our mortgage for 10 months) and since this letter, we haven't received anything other than a regular statement. In fact, there has been little to no phone calls from them as well.

Documents received:
10/8/2019 - Mortgage Assistance packet
10/10/2019 - Missed payment/how to bring your acct current
10/12/2019 - Dedicated relationship manager letter
10/14/2019 - Pre-approved repayment plan via FedEx

Has anyone had recent experience with this process and can you add to the above breakdown of what documents come when? We're basically just looking to get the letter of intent to foreclose which will show the breakdown of fees and charges due by a certain date in order to withdraw from our 401k. We had to do this back in 2015 and we received the "intent" letter after only 45 days late. Thoughts?