Pinball game: Other, no co-borrower, no Other... which is it?


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Nov 18, 2010
Reston, VA
So I am updating my financials for the 429th time with Chase and using the income of a second wage earner now in the household (spouse, unmarried). They live with me in the property as of Dec 2010, have bank statements addressed to the property, etc.

Round 1 - week of March 7th - I call Chase and they say to list the 2nd wage earners income under Other on the RMA.

Round 2 - week of March 14th - I contact Chase at 866-326-0086 to confirm receipt of my new docs and they say, nope... list those wages under co-borrower on the RMA and then breakout all their expenses in the co-borrower column of the RMA.

Round 3 - today - I get a call from my 212th relationship manager who says I need to list the income under Other - I say you already have that version of the RMA that I sent you on March 10th, no they don't see it in the "document control system". Is it me or do things oddly disappear from Chase's document control system on an ad hoc basis? Maybe during their nightly updates?

So I will do as I'm told and resend them the info I sent 2 weeks ago... but who is right? Or, is everyone right? Or, should I really be doing something entirely differently?

I am planning on freshening up my HAMP knowledge tonight with some bedtime reading of the HAMP handbook.

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Aug 10, 2007
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Who's on first? Who's on 2nd? This is just part of the loan modification "game" servicers play and Chase is one of the best at it. I have seen them string people for years doing this. Years, years!

They do not follow HAMP either. It is really better to spend your mental energy on something else.

Peanuts or popcorn anyone?