Patrick Kerrigan Morgan Stanley Private Bank Loan Officer Major Negative Experience Anyone?


Beth B

I recently had a terrible experience through my financial analyst as a referral to a loan officer for morgan stanley. Was the man’s name Patrick Kerrigan? The loan officer I spoke to presented himself as someone who owns or runs Chicago but also does only one million dollar or more mortgage financing through the US. This person told me to go to a larger bank like my bank, PNC, to get my loan because he didn’t want to waste time on me when my loan was only for 396,000 and not knowing my credit score. He told me it would be a waste of my time and most importantly a waste of his larger mortgage applicants time by spending time during his day maybe trying to get my mortgage approved. Has anyone ever heard of Patrick Kerrigan and if this could be the right person who distinctly talked down to me and never even let me talk the whole time? Could this be the self centered person I talked to? I asked my financial person his name again and he told me not to worry about it and he would take care of who I talked to. Morgan Stanley is down a lot in my mind if they let people like this destroy their reputation. Can someone please help this most recent divorced mom of 3 children I don’t know what to do?