Note left on door to change the locks...

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LoanSafe Member
May 1, 2012
Just found a note on my door that says the house is vacant or abandoned, and they will change the locks soon, and winterize the plumbing.

I called the number and told them that we are moving back in, in a week.. They said they will update the file to show "occupied"

How long is this good for?

The house will be occupied in about a week, and I don't want any key troubles

No lis pendens filed yet, no noi, no nod.


LoanSafe Member
Nov 8, 2011
We just had this same thing happen. The house was vacant for over a year and then we decided to let a family member stay there because they had no where else to go. Found a note on the house stating they are going to change the locks unless we notify them that someone is there. That was on or about 5/25. I called them and they said unless the house is occupied full-time they will change the locks. We moved the family member in the next day. A couple days ago the BOA rep was at the house poking around, asking a lot of questions. The family member gave little information and told him to leave the property. He was really pushy and intimidating but finally left. It was a little over a week from the time I called them to the day he showed up at the house. ~ BBB


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Nov 5, 2008
Hi All

I have a sign in the window that states in big capital letters... DOG IS SLEEPING BEWARE OF SMITH AND WESSON.

nj-19 months