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Next step after NOS or house sold at auction

Discussion in 'Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure - Do You Need Help to ' started by ultimate4799, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. ultimate4799

    ultimate4799 LoanSafe Member

    Need help as far as when I am suppose to be able to step out of my house with zero liability/worry like someone doing vandal, putting a fire/ etc and make me or my name liable.Can someone share me a link of next steps after sale date? Do I need to check on my county to make sure the house is not in my name anymore? My sale date is scheduled Oct 8th and already secured a rental and plan moving out this weekend. But I want to make sure I'm free of liability before I terminate all utilities, etc and officially not live in the house. I thought about negotiating for cash for keys and needs advise/ some info how to do as well... I appreciate the lending hand..
  2. knownick

    knownick LoanSafe Member

    I'm currently waiting as well, our sale date was 9/1.

    A couple days later a realtor came by and placed a notice on the door, saying the property had changed ownership through foreclosure and the new owner was Freddie Mac. It was a form letter that said I needed to contact them within 48 hours to discuss vacating the property "with the possibility of compensation".

    I called the realtor and spoke to her briefly, she was very nice and understanding. Said that I would need to negotiate a surrender date and any compensation directly with the bank, and that she would forward on my contact information to them. She said they should get back to me in ~10 days. That was 20 days ago, but hey.

    She said if we vacated the property in the meantime to contact her and arrange to surrender the keys. She would walk through with us and document the condition at the time of surrender so we wouldn't be responsible for any subsequent vandalism, etc.

    We've since vacated but haven't contacted her because we're hoping to hold out a bit for some "relocation assistance". We stop by every day to check on the place, check the phone messages, etc.

    Got a letter in the mail a few days ago from a place called "Titanuim Solutions" who works with Freddie Mac to handle all this stuff apparently. They said they'll contact me soon to set up a "borrower interview" and a bunch of other BS but haven't heard anything yet. The phone has been eerily silent... even the second mortgage doesn't call any more.

    I'd just like it to be over with.
  3. ultimate4799

    ultimate4799 LoanSafe Member

    thanks a lot for the good info, knownick.. pls keep us posted with your experience and will also do mine :)


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