Nationstar Changes Name To Mr Cooper?

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Erik Sandstrom

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Jan 14, 2011
San Diego, California
I've received a few calls from both members and non-members reaching our site instead of Nationstar trying to get in touch with them. From what I have seen, Nationstar has now changed their name to Mr Cooper.

Why Mr. Cooper?

Are they trying to dodge the complaints that they have received over the years of them being a loan servicer? As some of us longtime members, we have seen many people have issues with Nationstar.

What are your thoughts on the name change?

They made a statement on their webpage:
“It's more than a name change. It's a change to the way we work with our customers,” the website states. “From new purchases and refinancing to servicing of existing loans. We're keeping things simple. Focusing on the solution. Putting customers first. All with one single-minded goal: To keep the dream of home ownership alive.”

Does this really mean they will change the way they are conducting business?

I want to hear your thoughts as consumers and possibly borrowers/clients of "Mr. Cooper".


LoanSafe Member
Nov 11, 2009
My opinion? You can call crap a diamond, but it's still crap.
I made every mortgage payment in full and on time for 10 years. I contacted them at the first sign of trouble. They sent me a long letter on their nice new letterhead that basically said, " we're not going to help you in any way. We won't budge an inch. You're screwed and there's nothing you can do about it. But have a nice day."
I'm not done fighting, but the letter made me furious!
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