MSA Non-priority by $60 a month

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Feb 14, 2021
Hi is there any way I could speak to someone about our MSA for our commuter town. MSA is low for our 2 large counties but where we live and the cities surrounding it are very high msa and we are only $60 over per month to not be priority. Our city is a commuter city and ppl from OC, SD and LA bc their communities cost way astronomical. At the workshop I asked about our situation and they did say we were the kind of ppl NACA is here to help but we are stuck.
Also we are in a high cost area (400k+ for a 1000-1200 sqft) (550k for 1500-2200+) as well but not officially via the charts. There are 3 potential neighborhoods that we could buy in only bc they are multimillion dollar houses, senior houses and apartments surrounding housing (the houses here are easily 750k+). We already are commuting 25 mins to his work. Who can I talk too? Our MC said there was absolutely no way even if my husband took a pay cut since we are only $60 above. Please help we have a growing family and are trying to find our forever home.

Below is our map of our city (Menifee) and my husbands work (Temecula).