Mortgage not in my name


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5 years ago my husband and I were trying to get a house but because of some finacial issues we couldn’t get a mortgage. My father put the mortgage in his name and we pay the bill every month. Mine and my husbands names are on the deed along with my fathers. If something were to happen to my father could we be in risk of loosing the house to the estate since our name isn’t on the mortgage? Thank you for your help

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If the servicer knows that the borrower passed away they may not be willing to accept payments on the mortgage. I've seen that happen before but I don't want to say that's what would happen.

For future reference or if you qualify now (rates are great) - as long as you've been on title for 12 months and can provide proof you have been making the payments from your own funds you can refinance the property into your name(s). Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions about that or e-mail: [email protected] or 619-379-8999