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I have made my 3rd payment with wells and after reading this board I may have to many assets. 10K in the bank. Now that my credit is being ruined what is my best option. Cancel the mod? pay the balance owed from the deferred payments and restoring my credit. Thanks in advance
If you want to try for the mod, slowly take your money out of the bank until the mod is done.


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I originally sent in paperwork for the MHA modification in December 09 and confirmed receipt from AHMSI. A rep. even called me to get more information. Now fast forward to Feb. '10, I called about the process and I am told there is no application on file for a MHA plan. I redid the paperwork and sent it in by certified mail this time. I just recently received a foreclosure notice that was filed but there is no sale date. I'm not sure what I should do next. What should be the turn around time for AHMSI to get back to me for approval or the trial payment period? What about the foreclosure notice?

Thanks to anyone who can share some insight.


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Depends on your State and what kind of foreclosure notice.

Most banks go ahead with notice only hold off sales.

If its a Summons it should have a Court Date.

If notice of sale it has a sales date.

If has no date it many be a notice of default/notice of acceleration which comes before the Summons/Notice of Sale (if non judicial)


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Information for escalating your HAMP Application with the government if the bank/servicer refuses to correct their mistakes. This link references that these are the steps a counselor should take, but Fannie verified that the phone number to them is for consumers also.

I emailed them on March 1, 2010 and confirmed with them on March 3 that they had received my complaint and it was in line for someone to call me about the problem.

I only spent 5 minutes on the phone. I want to get this info out to everyone on this forum.


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Thanks Davephx & Kristenemery for the information, much appreciation. Davephx, I'm in California and it's a Notice of Default & Election to Sell Under Deed of Trust, no sales date given.

Thanks again!


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I can't even begin to tell you my horror show with WF but I am working with a brenda lauer bursch she seems to care but she is not getting answers either. Does anyone know her fax# and if she can't help where can I escalate from there. I have signed and they have signed final mod but now there are 2 issues and MBS trust and do I pay 2nd trial. Also believe it or not someone put in my notes that I said I did not want to continue on program, How crazy is that I waasted a year of my life dealing with these fools.


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What kind of recourse is there for us borrowers when in the HAMP guidelines it states that these modifications should be done in a "timely manner" as well as the guidelines under "Consumer Protection"

Servicers should have procedures and systems in place to be able to respond to inquiries and complaints relating to loan modifications. Servicers should ensure that such inquiries and complaints are provided fair consideration, and timely and appropriate responses and resolution.
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hey everyone
I have to say that this website has been great!
I Just want to explain my situation and see how much expense I am to report?
Home Purchase 2006 509,000 Bal 386000
80/15 loan
current payment with escrow 2964 30yrs
2nd loan interest only with bal of 71000 payment is 264.00
My income 75000
Current value of home 375000
I was doing fine until My brother and sister lost their jobs and are now living with me. I am currently supporting a Family of 10 (6 adults and 4 children) 2 are mine
MY monthly expenses have increases significantly. I am with wellsfargo and after reading all the post I am not sure if I should attempt to call them. My credit is excellent at this time but i Dont how long it will last.
Does the Hamp program look at the amount of dependents a person has?
Does anyone think I will qualify for a reduction upto maybe 1300-1800 monthly?
If I am paying my mothers rent is that a qualifying front end expense?
will all these expenses disqualilfy me?


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I have no idea what we are doing wrong.

In March of 2009 we started our HAMP process (CHASE) with the help of a mortgage company. We sent in all the paperwork & got no response---from chase or the mortgage Co.
In November of 2009 I decided to call CHASE my self and see what was going on. They told me to send in all the docs again. I did and when I called in Jan. 2010 the rep said we qualified for HAMP.
In May 2010 an appraiser for Chase came out to look at our house. We are in the process of adding to our living room so in his note he wrote "house is under construction". I called and spoke with the loss mitigation dept. and she told me that because he wrote that they do not think we live there. Eventhough all our paperwork has that address on it!! She sent a couple of emails to the underwriter and he agreed to send another appraiser back out.

I called 4 weeks later and got an amazingly rude rep that told me We were denied and that no, another appraiser was not going out there, and there were no notes about any of it!! She wouldn't even let me get a word in edgewise!

I called back very upset and got the 1st tier of reps. A very nice lady told me she could see all the notes and read them back to me. She put in additional notes and sent me to emminant default dept. The rep there said I was in the wrong dept and I was denied a loan mod anyway he tried to transfer me to loss mitigation but instead cut me off.

My question is this: Do you have to be past due to get any help? Several posts here say the received a trial mod three months--we haven't recieved anything, but a few letters that say they are looking into the address discrepancie, but when I called before the didn't know what letter I was talking about.
Hi there ,we started talking to BOA regarding MHA 2009, Mr Presidents program (make your payment stay current we will help you stay in your home) sure you are. I was talking to people at the BOA center every week, every time they ask for more papers,week later they lost the paperwork send again and again and again 7 times, finally 1.1/2 year later they told me that the last paperwork was not in time therefore all the work stopped and that I had to start all over again. BOA increased my payment by $ 980.00 after I had to send $ 4,500.00 in to an Escrow account that I was not even aware that they changed my original contract (No impound account).

Here is our story.

July 24, 2010

President of the United States of America

Vice President Mr. Biden

Minority Leader McConnell, Mitch
Barbara Boxer Senator California
Curly Fiorina Senate Candidate

Rush Limbaugh EIB Radio
Harry Reid SenateMajority Leader
Los Angeles Times

Dear Mr. President,

It's been one and a half years since I contacted Bank Of America (BOA) to modify or make payment adjustments on our loan due to hardship. To this day still nothing has transpired: they claim that lost my paperwork; they are very busy; that they need more papers and more papers; and they even claimed in 120 days they will let us know if we qualified for anything.

Mr. President! Here is another example why your policy Make Homes Affordable for the People have failed in regards to the population who are trying to make their payments to stay in their homes. You, your Vice President, and your Press Secretary, all preach this program every time you are on the television. The truth is Mr. President; you gave Billions of dollars to the hands of the very people that got us into this mess! Instead of placing qualified professionals, Real Estate Brokers from each State, on your “Make Homes Affordable Program†committee to consult with, you sought the information from inside people to make decisions for “we the peopleâ€.

Your program Mr. President has led to BOA telling us that since we are still able to keep our payments current, we are to move to the back of the line so they can concentrate on those already in default. So in essence that’s what they are telling us to do, default, and get help! So here-in lies the dilemma that we are facing; either stop making our payments and receive low credit scores, in which time BOA will come back and say your credit is bad, or we walk away from our home, since with the economic crash, we have lost all our down payment of $ 180,000.00 anyway. Yes, we felt we did do the right thing! We actually put a down-payment down, our life savings, and we lost it and half of our home value as well.

My wife is employed by the State of California in the medical field, and the Governor cut her wage by almost 15% by giving her furlough days without pay. I have had a forced retirement due to the conditions of the Real Estate market with a minimum fixed rental income. The people of BOA after a year and a half told me yesterday that my file is closed because my paperwork didn’t get to them on time? Seven copies later in a year and a half as per BOAs request because something wasn’t received again? And after spending 100s of hours on the phone with over 20 people. (I have names, times, and dates) Now, yesterday they tell me I have to start all over again? One compounding problem; in November 2009, BOA took it upon themselves to open us an impound account for our taxes and insurance thereby increasing our payment by $1,450.00 a month, all due to our application for loan modification. Was this intended to help us?

So Mr. President, as you can see, the right hand does not know what the left hand does. On one hand they are telling us that we have to start all over again due to insufficient paperwork and our account is closed, and on the other hand they opened a impound account because we have an application in progress. These are the people Mr. President that you and your secretary, Mr. Gardner, trust with our tax dollars to help people like us, try to be good citizens and do the right thing. Your system breeds corruption.

Mr. President I am a Greek-American Immigrant; a legal one I might say. I work hard to pay my taxes, to be a good neighbor, to work hard for the last 34 years and to save some money to buy our dream home. Now due to the BOA and Countrywide’s loan programs, we are in the danger of losing our home. And just as another side note, we never even signed our loan application with the countrywide agent. He did all this in our behalf! When questioned, they say that since we were putting a 20% down, we qualified automatically, so we never were shown the loan application. I have repeatedly asked the BOA people to provide me with my loan application and they continually find excuses why they cant find it.

Mr. President, as I have stated here, your programs and policies are failing because the people that you nominate to implement your programs are failing you. As a result you are failing with them, while we the people are suffering the continuances of your policies. We hope and pray that this letter comes to your attention to see it as an a wake-up call for the future of your Presidency and the future of the people throughout our great country that are suffering and are losing there homes.

If this letter ever comes across your desk or across the desk of any of your people that are on television talking about how the program works and how you all trying to help people stay in their homes, I hope you feel some shame. As for Bank of America, they too should feel ashamed for taking your stimulus and helping so few. My experience of BOA, is they purposely, repeatedly lose documents in order to deny people of help and then take their homes back. They have nothing to loose Mr. President, because these loans are insured and they will get paid; by you and by us, the taxpayers.


Constantine V Metallinos
Michelle M Metallinos
8550 Hierba Ave.
Agua Dulce Ca 91390.
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My wife and I started the Home Affordable Program through Citi in November 09, by the end of December 09 we still had not received anything from Citi. After calling back we were sent the correct paperwork. After sending it two times we started it in February 10 at approximately $1,500 a month rather than our normal $2,080. We sent all the proper paperwork and made the payments on time. After making the April payment we didn't receive the new Modification Agreement. I was finally able to get ahold of someone and we were told to start a "second trial period" which would go from May-August, at which time it was increased to $1,800 per month. During this time my wife lost her job and I informed them via phone and letter beacuse I didn't know if that would make a difference.

This past Friday I spoke to a lady at Citi who told me my interest rate went from 7.50% to 4.70?, lowering my mortage to about $1,500 a month. I was elated and a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders, I was told my paperwork would be emailed to me to sign. Today I got the email and my mortage rate is 6.00% as oppposed to the 4.70% I was told over the phone. The new payment is $1,850 as opposed to the $1,500. All this time I've probably made 20-40 phone calls to make sure paperwork was received and correct. The person assigned to my case has not returned any calls and I'm at the end of my rope ? I don't know if it's possible to appeal this based on what I was told and what was sent to me ? Any thoughts or direction would be greatly appreciated.


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What is the calculating method for "current income?" Citi is using YTD earnings, not current rate of salary. This seems absurd to me since YTD includes higher income from before pay reductions. Hence my reason for the modification! Can someone comment on this or give me the link from the government website that defines how "current income" is calculated? Thanks,


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How should I calculate the income for section 4 "Monthly Gross Wages"? I am paid every two weeks (26 paydays per year) but my wife is paid once per month and some is set aside so she gets a check in the summer. She works for a school district and is a 10-1/2 month employee. Is the income number before or after benefits are taken from my taxable income?
So I am thinking to reduce my base by the benefit amount and multiply by the 26 paydays divided by 12 months=ABCD
Take my wife's salary and multiply by 10.5 then divide by 12=WXYZ.
Would this be correct or does the mortgage company dig into it and calculate it out in the same manor?

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How should I calculate the income for section 4 "Monthly Gross Wages"? I am paid every two weeks (26 paydays per year) but my wife is paid once per month and some is set aside so she gets a check in the summer. She works for a school district and is a 10-1/2 month employee. Is the income number before or after benefits are taken from my taxable income?
So I am thinking to reduce my base by the benefit amount and multiply by the 26 paydays divided by 12 months=ABCD
Take my wife's salary and multiply by 10.5 then divide by 12=WXYZ.
Would this be correct or does the mortgage company dig into it and calculate it out in the same manor?
It makes sense that you would present it this way on both counts. If it is your advantage to keep your income lower then you are on the right track. I would attach a Letter of Explanation explaining how your wife is paid so the underwriter gets it and doesnt try to figure it based on your wife's last 2 pay stubs. You wont really have much issue with your pay because your pay stubs will reflect accurately the gross monthly you wish to use unless you have a 3 pay check month which according to my 26 week bi-weekly pay has not occurred recently. Only provide them with (4) pay stubs for 2 months. They will see your taxes and may ask some questions later but less is more.